JEARETTAS is over, Thank god!

For the month of July 2017 I started a project called JEARETTAS, a project where I would have to release at least two anime episode reviews every day. I not only succeeded in this goal but I was also able to write a huge amount and sometimes release more than two posts a day. Not … Continue reading JEARETTAS is over, Thank god!


Made In Abyss Episode 1 “The City Of The Great Pit” Review!

This less popular currently airing show has a brilliant best episode, probably the best opening this season has had so far. This is done through having fun characters,  funny moments, and establishing the opening for what’s hopefully going to be a great series in a fun entertaining way without shoving the exposition down your throat. … Continue reading Made In Abyss Episode 1 “The City Of The Great Pit” Review!


Instead of doing a “what I watched post” like I always do at the end of each month I’m going to announce that JEARETTAS starts tomorrow. It’s a whole month dedicated to episodic anime reviews for strange reasons that I’ve already described here: So instead of writing and talking about what I watched I … Continue reading JEARETTAS STARTS TOMORROW!

JEARETTAS anime project announcement (Give me suggestions)

If you take nothing else from this post please leave a suggestion for an anime that you want me to talk about in this upcoming project. Ever since I’ve started anime blogging I’ve been completely confused by the community’s love of episodic reviews as I always thought they were strange. After all, anime’s weren’t written … Continue reading JEARETTAS anime project announcement (Give me suggestions)