Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks

It’s a well-known objective fact that anime sucks, everyone knows this. Even my friends who watch anime dislike most of them. But they are wrong; it’s incorrect to like any anime because every single anime is awful. Here are ten reasons why


  1. The Anime Industry Sucks

Something is deeply wrong and messed up with the anime industry. Animators and staff are seriously underpaid and work overtime for free. It’s a horrible truth that anime fans hate to admit but it doesn’t make anime inherently bad. After all, treatment of staff has no overall effect on the episode quality. It’s the fact that anime companies can’t make the money to pay their own staff.

If I take statistics from my anime list (a website which tracks how much anime you’ve seen) there are at least 1,200,000 viewers of anime (and probably many more since most anime fans don’t use My anime list and not everyone has seen the most popular anime) and not a single one is prepared to pay for it. Surely if anime fans cared about anime enough they would actually buy it to pay their staff. But no, anime is so bad that the fans are prepared to steal and pirate just because they don’t think it’s worth buying.

Anime’s fundamental floor is a failure to make people care about it, and that’s why it’s dying and that’s why it sucks. Nobody cares enough to buy it.

  1. Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is the only anime staff member with even a little sense because he knows it sucks as well: “Anime was a mistake.” Just put yourself in Miyazaki’s shoes. You just created anime yesterday, are you happy with yourself? The answer is no. Hayao Miyazaki has the sense to look on his monstrous creation with scorn and sadness.

If the creator of anime hates anime and regrets making it then you know there’s something seriously wrong.

  1. The Fan Base


All anime fans are called weaboos, and they suck. They’re Naruto running, kawai saying morons who don’t know how to take a joke. Watching a weaboo trying to function in society is like watching a baby trying to walk across the room. No matter how far it gets it will inevitably fall over, shit itself and go back to sleep. They also get triggered seriously easily. I know that a baby isn’t an “it” but I used “It” because it’s gender neutral not because I don’t think babies have genders! I literally just read every anime fan’s mind and wrote down a response to it, that’s how predictable these guys are!

But the fan base can’t degrade the quality of anime. Or can it? Since anime studios want to actually make money they appeal to these disgusting pigs and degrade their quality by trying to appeal to them. Therefore lowering the quality of anime making it suck.

  1. Its racist

All anime fans are racist because they watch anime, which is racist. Ever seen a black guy in an anime? I didn’t think so. Theirs most likely a few exceptions however theirs never an all-black cast, a black main character or even an anime fan who cares.

If you support anime you also support racism. And racism sucks. Where’s the representation?

  1. Its Misogynistic

This is so obvious that I shouldn’t even need to explain. 99% of anime has just male protagonists because anime creators don’t believe that a woman is capable of solving problems or leading their own adventure. Instead women in anime are treated as objects specifically to advance plot or facilitate fan service and no female character is safe from this awful misogyny (more on that later).

All anime that isn’t ecchi wants to be ecchi, displaying all fan service it could possibly get away with before losing its children’s rating. As well as this, all anime that’s ecchi wants to be hentai, you can’t deny it. The scenes of ecchi are like what you’d expect from anime porn except for the fact that some parts are censored.

Weaboos who admit to watching hentai are the weebs I respect the most. They can at least admit that all they want to see is 2d naked women.

  1. Little Girls are Not Safe in Anime


This negative treatment towards women is also brought upon little girls who receive the same treatment as the rest of the female characters. Anime doesn’t understand what the age of consent is and seem perfectly fine to throw paedophilic fan service at any place possible. It’s disgusting as not only is it little children; it also encourages paedophilia which I’m not ok with.

  1. Its anti-christian

Whether you’re a Christian or not it’s hard to deny that the fundamental part of Christianity besides god is love (and not lust), so as to not exclude other religions and atheists I will be talking about the loving side of Christianity and not god since I believe everyone should have love (“Love thy neighbour” and that kind of thing) but only have believing in God  as a choice. Let me quote a few bible verses.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things” (Philippians 4:8).

So judging by what I said earlier it’s easy to see why anime has a serious problem with Christianity. But let me bring up the quote “whatever is true” since anime is fake and not real. So because every anime shoves fan service and sex down your throat in an insincere and fake way anime is not acceptable in Christianity since anime characters are not “true” and lust is a sin on its own anyway.

  1. Anime Is Not Real

The question “what is anime?” isn’t a question you can simply look up, everyone has their own personal opinion on what it is and nobody can define it. The reason why it’s difficult to define is that it’s not real.  The amount of arguments I see where people argue about whether a show is anime or not is mind-blowing and it shows a fundamental floor in what anime is.

Anime is not real, consensus anime is. The only thing that makes anime “anime” is other people’s belief that it is indeed anime. I find it hilarious that it’s more of a philosophical question than anything else!

  1. It condones Rape


You thought child porn cartoons was the worst thing to come out of anime? Well how about rape? Shows like “Netsuzou Trap” and “Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita” outright condone rape by including it without criticising it. I didn’t look at some obscure shows; these two are new and currently airing this season.

Even when the show doesn’t include rape it will essentially do borderline rape by including fan service of characters who don’t really want to be shown in a sexual manor.

  1. Kiss Anime Gave Me A Trojen Virus

All free anime websites take advantage of their viewers by including toxic malicious software on their website. Sure I got a virus (It’s gone now because I applied my “dealing with weebs” skills to the dealing with virus’s problem) but that’s not even the whole picture.

By simply clicking on the screen an ad will pop up and try to destroy your computer, that’s how I got mine. But another thing that these websites show are advertisements, the worst advertisements ever because they’re obviously scams. Let me read some adds out.

“This pill burns fat”

“How to get a million dollars in just one hour”

“Millionaires pay millions to try and hide this video”

These ads are obviously fake but the funny thing is that anime fans actually fall for these! It’s telling that the people defending anime are also the ones falling for these dumb ridiculous advertisements.


So there you go, there’s 10 reasons why anime sucks.  I could go into more reasons but quite frankly 10 reasons is enough to unquestioningly conclude that all anime sucks. You’re welcome. Also if you couldn’t tell already I’m having a break from blogging, see you if I get back!

61 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Anime Sucks

  1. Anime is not real? so are some movies like Avengers and Justice League

    It condones rape? That’s why there are private anime sites about it its clearly the anime version of PornHub

    How many anime have you watched because you sound like you watched 18 episodes of one piece


    • I don’t really care if you think other things beside anime aren’t real.

      This doesn’t really apply, so many anime’s support rape culture too, condoning it.

      I’m surprised that you think all of these opinions are relevant and prevalent in 18 episodes of one piece, an anime very focused on children. The fact that you think these opinions could be obtained from 18 episodes of one piece is therefore quite concerning.

      I’ve seen enough to know, let’s leave it at that.


  2. Look dude, anime isn’t bad. Everyone has their own opinion for themselves and you had to decide to tell yours to the whole world. I honestly don’t care if you have anime. It’s YOUR opinion, not mine.
    10. “The Anime Industry”
    Can you please appreciate the hard work they are putting to make a manga/anime? The animations, the drawing, the art style, the plot. Everyone works their best and gets a good amount of money. There’s nothing wrong.
    9. “Hayao Miyazaki”
    I honestly don’t get why your actually researching on anime haters. Most people hate on their own creations as they think it isn’t good enough. It’s ok to think that, it will get better eventually.
    8. “The Fan base”
    Yeah we can be weird if we want. I would Naruto run around the park because I am a fan. Now don’t tell me you don’t copy what your favourite character from a movie does? We are fans, that’s why it’s called a FAN BASE. Let us do what we want
    7. “Racism”
    Yes I do agree that there are not many black people in animes, but there ARE some blacks in the community. Animes like Bleach, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter has some blacks.
    6. “Its Misogynistic”
    Yeah there are more male protagonists, but there are also alot of female protagonists. Animes like Sailor Moon are female protagonists. Ok yes they do make the girls have no proper self defense and that’s what makes the anime interesting. It may be cliché but it makes a great hero scene. But you liking hentai? Pfft, weren’t you legit hating in anime?
    5. “Little girls are not safe in anime”
    Yes the pedo parts may occur, but that’s because you went deep into adult anime. Your basically like a perv, I mean you like and respect hentai.
    4. “It’s anti-christian”
    Bruh you do realise that there are alot of religions right? Muslims, Jewish, etc. So what if it isn’t Christian? It can be ANY religion.
    3. “Anime is not real”
    Yes it isn’t real, but we love the world of anime as it’s beautiful, you can find your loved one, you can have amazing friends, you can be a protagonist in your own story. We bring it to life by cosplay and acting about.
    2. “It condoles rape”
    I have nothing to say about this other than you watching the animes that are 16/18+
    1. “KissAnime gave me trogen virus”
    Ignore the stupid ads or go to another website. Crunchy roll is there too being a popular anime website. It’s your fault for tapping on the ads. And why did you blame anime on your own problem? Pathetic

    So in conclusion, you hate on anime just because you “find” 16/18+ animes


    • Wow so much bullshit to sift through. You clearly didn’t care about my opinions so much that you left a massive angry comment. That’s definitely behaviour from a person who doesn’t care at all.

      That’s the problem with the industry, they’re overworked and they’re dying. It is a horrible industry to work in. They are paid shit, no idea how you could possibly not know that.

      I agree that it’s important to criticise so that it improves, for anime, it’s even more important due to it’s low quality.

      You would naruto run around the park because your a fucking cretin, normal people are not so easily influenced by things they like to publicly humiliate themselves.

      It’s always funny how whenever people give examples of black people in anime theirs like just one black character in the anime they mention. It’s not good enough, these are supposed to be cherry-picked examples and they’re not even good!

      I never said I like hentai. You misunderstood. Nor do I respect the people who admit to liking hentai, I just respect them more than anime fans, which is not a very high level of respect to overcome. The objectification of women is the main problem with anime, even if there are female leads (which there seldom are) they are pretty much always objectified.

      I did not go deep to find the loli stuff, I didn’t need to. It’s practically advertised everywhere.

      I think you misunderstood again. Anti-christian doesn’t mean not Christian. I have a problem with the stuff actively against Christianity.

      Congratulations you like something that doesn’t exist.

      The anime fan calls me a perv, this is essentially the definition of hypocrisy.

      This is blatant victim blaming, it’s not my fault. If you press anything on that website a link will take you to a virus site. It’s what it does.

      What problem? If it’s the virus I’ve solved it. On the flip side if you look at anime, I wrote this three years ago and these problems are still around today.

      Thank you for your time, and I wish these were only problems plaguing 16/18+ anime’s, unfortunately anime has even more problems than the 10 described here.


  3. Some of your reasons may be right, but that doesn’t mean all anime are bad. There are a lot of anime that are for kids, and a lot for adults, they have categories. I understand that you have a lot of reasons to hate anime but have you ever watched one? A GOOD ONE. There are a lot of animes that are educational and funnny. Anime isn’t meant for kids, it’s meant for adults and teens. You prefer these other shows when they show the same things most of the time. If you don’t like anime, don’t say anything because to spare both our feelings, it hurts when you say that and it’ll hurt you because people will be after you. We all have different likes and dislikes, but don’t say it in a rude way!


    • I didn’t miss you changing your names to look like more people agreed with you. Thank you for all the comments Lauren. I’m not going to engage further with you because I believe you’re angry and hurt, and I feel you should step away.


      • Just too clarify, I am not changing my name as if ppl are agreeing with me, I just put random name just because, you can see my email can’t you (idk if you can but meh)? Same here I will not engage further in this because I can’t change you mind, I am just stating my opinion.

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      • I am angry, but I’m trying my best to keep calm. I understand your reasons for hating anime, because the stuff you say is true, but don’t you think some parts are over exaggerating? I mean, the fact that you say it’s ALL anime when it really isn’t. Try getting a second opinion from a person who’s not a full out Weeb but just likes anime.


        • I’d say all anime are affected by the poor industry. Generally all anime has something that is messed up about it. These are just 10 examples of many more. Not intending to over exaggerate, just spreading the truth. I have got that second opinion, but they have failed to give me reasons to convince me.


  4. You clearly have never watched anime, and none of your reasons are logical. The first one is simply you restating your opinion. Hayao Miyazaki is fine. Also, anime is NOT RACIST at all. They are simply not concerned with ethnicity, because it is very irrelevant. And who cares if there are hardly any black people in anime, there are a few like Killer Bee from Naruto Shippuuden. It is not misogynistic either. There are quite a few anime out there with important female characters like Lucy from Fairy Tail and Sakura from Naruto and many more. The fact that many anime have male leads is completely arbitrary. It is not anti-christian. Then you said, “anime is not real”. What exactly are you trying to say, and the definition of anime is Japanese animation. It doesn’t condone rape either, and it is always seen as taboo. And lastly, the only reason why Kissanime gave you a virus is because you were using a fake site instead of the real site,


    • Everything you said here is restating your opinion.

      They are concerned about ethnicity, as long as it’s their own.

      “Quite a few” is not nearly enough when they are objectified constantly, even within the examples of the anime that you gave.

      I don’t think you appreciate that saying “No it doesn’t” does absolutely nothing to demonstrate your case.

      No I was using that site. It’s a horrible website.


  5. Most anime (especially after 2006) has become complete fucking trash. There is a lot of more obscure anime that is actually decent. Like “The Twelve Kingdoms, Ghost in the Shell, Sword of the Stranger, and of course several others. But anime today has taken an entirely different approach, and it just plain immoral, and disgusting. It’s all filth now, catering to filthy people. I can’t even watch it anymore which is sad. Even the art style has changed for the worse. They don’t even try to make realistic looking characters anymore. They look cartoony, and weird.

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    • Yes but dude, there are still fans that support this kind of thing, just because there are some animes that are bad doesn’t mean all are bad.


        • all anime sucks they’re all the same,bro have you even watched any anime because right now you just throwing shit around the place i bet you start at the trashy ones first and saying weebs get triggered man you got so triggered yourself you just had to post it in a website and hurt millions of feelings and you don’t give a shit about like why you saying that other person didn’t care at all of course he cared man he felt bad but you were the one who didn’t cared hurting millions of feelings anime isn’t a disgrace to society its absolute culture as for us we care about those with autism and those with disabilities and you send this trash to a website if your trying to make this world perfect sorry bro your just going the wrong way


          • First of all your badly assuming how popular this article is, let’s keep it real, only thousands read this, and of these thousands few are affected enough to comment. Most people don’t even get angry because they agree.

            Anyway, why should I care about your feelings? Anime is messed up and people need to know it. It’s so cringe for you to say that.


  6. While, yes, little girls (especially sisters) aren’t exactly safe, anime gives people who DO have those desires able to release them through drawings, and not going out and doing actual horrible stuff to a real human. The rest of the reasons, especially the weeb part, are useless.

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    • Loli porn for paedophiles would only make the problem worse, as well as that your not accounting for the numerous amount of people who would become paedophiles through watching loli porn. It’s a ridiculously bad problem. None of the other criticisms are useless, just yours.


    • thats why no idiot brother would share his anime to his little sister the sister can play dollies all she wants and little girls i bet not a single little girl would know how to read,know whats going on and they won’t meet their desires and they got parents limiting these kids


      • I meant little girls in anime and not real life. This analysis of little girls in real life is pretty disturbing, I would expect many brothers to not know any better, and that many parents might not be able to limit them. Dubbed anime does exist so reading ability isn’t necessarily a limiting factor.

        Honestly there are dangers for real little girls (especially if they see all that loli stuff) and historically loli porn has been used on little girls to make them comfortable by paedophiles for abuse, so it’s still pretty horrible.

        Generally I’d be happy if little girls in real life could avoid this as much as possible though. You are right to the extent that there are limiting factors preventing them from watching very much.


  7. Yeah I don’t like anime either. It’s like a kid saying
    “can I copy your homework”
    “yeah sure just make it look different”
    My only exception is JoJo and thats it. It’s not too cringe its at the line. TBH just watch North American shows like Breaking Bad and GOT. There actually good and interesting.

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  8. I personally find anime entertaining, not every anime fan is a weeaboo. A weeaboo is a person that stereotypes japan based on anime and pop culture, and trys to become Japanese based on those assumptions which is very racist. Another thing is that anime is not racist I have seen plenty of anime with very important characters that are black, some examples are Killer Bee from Naruto and Bobobo from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. There is even a whole nation mostly made of colored people that plays a huge role in Naruto. My last point is that not all anime contains over sexualized content that is just a genre and only that. Only a little percentage of anime fans watch it. Anime is for all ages, anime is just a tv show with an art style that originated in Japan nothing more nothing less if you judge every anime because they are anime and are in the anime art style you are missing out. That is all bye.


  9. In fairy tail there is many tan and black people it and in one scene lucy says “I know mom is looking down on on me from heaven” and no child abuse at all you can be tan and still black or white in fact

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  10. Almost all current anime is extremely immature. If we´re lucky there might be 1 or 2 series per year that include even a bit intellectual content. Borrowing and endless repetition are both already trademarks. Brutality is one of most in trend these days. This brutal and repetitive way to feed suggestions is going a bit too far in my opinion. Sheme and visuality should be in the centre.

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  11. ps : oh and about the ads, you got virus just becuase an ads? whaaa- no offense, but you just straight up dumb, and they are ads, FKEN ADS, most of ads in internet is a scam, and not only in anime free site, its everywhere


  12. anime is not real, so why are you wasting your time wrote this thing? why dont you take other “real” thing for your shitpost? yes their production sucks i hate it, but for rape and things you just put it out of context, watch the WHOLE anime, not just the scene that you think is a “rape”, just like those Miyazaki’s quote you got there, he never said something like that, and about the mc just male? what are talking about, theres PLENTY of anime with female mc. i mean you said anime is not real, why would you even bother to stop anime fans from wasting their times for those “not real” thing that you said, and calling all of them stupid and weaboos, dont you have better things to do? dont you have life? unlike us?


  13. I agree with everything you wrote here. I am especially against the treatment of women and young girls (and boys). Regardless of what weebos/fans think, anime/manga generally has a tendency to normalize the objectification of “women” (looking like girls) and the idolization of girls generally. While this may seem like “no problem” as we have much clearer boundaries (under 18 no no) here in the US— this is not the case in Japan and has not been for some time. My life closely reflected the kawaii trends of the early eighties when I first lived in Japan in that I tried to behave a certain way in order to seem younger to please my Japanese husband. He told me that little girls were far cuter than women and naturally practically all men were attracted to them but that it was just fantasy art. Yeah. Well he is in prison now 11 years for taking his fantasy into reality.

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  14. You are same level of trash like those weebos that would suck all the anime.
    Idk were you seen Miyazaki saind he hate anime. Probably you toke his words out of context.
    About racism – there aren’t many blacks in Japan, you know? To who they will sell their “all black” anime? And why should Japan care for black peoples anyway? Blacks have all the freedom to make own content, and aren’t required to include whites or asians.About misogony – since you already mentioned Miyazaki, you should at least read the summary of his anime plots. Female protagonists. There are many animes aimed for girls, and ussually the MC there is female. There are many misandrist animes as well. Were is seen completely normal and moral for female cast to hit and behave ill with man. The fact you miss that point makes you misandrist too. Pedo and rape anime are fact, but they do not define the industry. And i think u have very wrong idea what borders to rape. Female character there aren’t real, so what of their bodies is shown to audience doesn’t make it rape. And for anime is not real – if that so – about what you talked in your whole shit article? Can already indetify you as bitter radical liberal, that hate everything, not just anime.

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