Hulk Hogan in a RIDICULOUS Japanese Advert!

Sometimes you find something so amazingly funny that you just have to share it, I found this through Endless Jess' what you gonna do? A fantastic video you should check out but I want to share the clip here. Seeing the Hulkster in such a strange advert is amazing, and since I'm an anime … Continue reading Hulk Hogan in a RIDICULOUS Japanese Advert!


Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

One of my favourite anime’s from last year was Inuyashiki so this review has been a long time coming! Let’s get into it a whole two months after I said I would – this isn’t going to create a worse blog post in the slightest! At the start of this show Inuyashiki is in a … Continue reading Inuyashiki is a Must Watch!

Do Not Pay For Crunchyroll; it’s a scam

Everyone would chose watching something legally over illegally if not for the price. We all want to feel like we’re making a difference to the industry but the reality is that I support nothing that Crunchyroll does and your money goes to the complete wrong place. I hate 95% of seasonal anime, and what does … Continue reading Do Not Pay For Crunchyroll; it’s a scam

Pluto: The Astro Boy Theatre Production

I recently had the opportunity to watch Pluto at the barbican in London! Pluto is an adaptation from Astro boy, one of the early anime’s, and is about a certain part of the show or the books about Pluto. I really liked it and would recommend, if not for the fact that the show’s not … Continue reading Pluto: The Astro Boy Theatre Production

Showing My Friends Anime Music

Recently I had the opportunity to show my favourite anime music to my friends, some of whom had no idea I liked anime. It was interesting to see their differing perspective to mine. The first thing was that they called it torture but I called it cultural learning. Ages ago r/music got hacked by anime … Continue reading Showing My Friends Anime Music

WP Spam Showdown – My New Life Dream

Lina’s post, Spam Attack!, made me decide to look at my own spam comments to see if I could find any funny ones for myself! And I’ve had some great ones! Also WP really needs to stop deleting spam comments so often; they’re really funny! Our first comment is on my XC3D grinding guide and … Continue reading WP Spam Showdown – My New Life Dream