I Wear Christian T-Shirts|World of A Neutral God| New Testament Worse than Old|Afterlife|Deathbed Conversions

It's been a while since I made a blog post, so I thought I'd make a simple post about what I'm thinking about right now. The issue is, that you can always make time for things that you like, unfortunately blogging doesn't fall into one of these things. Not that I don't like blogging, I … Continue reading I Wear Christian T-Shirts|World of A Neutral God| New Testament Worse than Old|Afterlife|Deathbed Conversions



今天我刚记得我应该吃了月饼,但是我太迟到了!中秋节是两个星期前!当中秋节的时候你只可以买月饼! 好的,好的,好的 我为什么忘了? 你知道了我是英国人吗。。。好的, 你知道了。 在英国找月饼非常难!我有一些中国朋友们但是,他们都住在谢菲尔德。 当中秋节的时候我住在了诺丁汉,我这个周开始住在谢菲尔德! 我不认为它很重要, 但是我还要尝 哈哈哈哈 因为明天是中华人民共和国国庆日所以我要写一个中文博客文章! 如果我的中文不好,对不起。我四个月前开始学习!请有耐心!如果我有错,请告诉我! 我以后要写很多的英国博客文章,可是我也要写一些的中文博客文章! 你认为什么?请告诉我! 再见!

Why I Bought Memrise Premium

Memrise premium is something that is advertised to you a lot whenever you complete your daily target, you always get a 20% discount off. But is it worth it? The short answer is no, yet I bought it anyway. Why? I feel like free education is a good thing. And memrise has helped me so … Continue reading Why I Bought Memrise Premium

Veganism Is Almost Persuading Me

Recently I've been watching and listening to stuff about veganism, and sadly I find myself being persuaded by their arguments. I think it's likely the most moral option. Animals are treated very cruelly. The mass production of as much meat as possible treats animals insanely horribly. Cows are raped for milk, then have their newborn … Continue reading Veganism Is Almost Persuading Me

Mandarin Is Really Difficult

I don't know if I'll release this, but I just want to write about the difficulties of mandarin. Because I'm stressed about it right now, which is something I haven't felt ever towards language learning. Before this the most primary difficulty was with Japanese, which I found fun at first but just became a problem. … Continue reading Mandarin Is Really Difficult

Why Talk About Atheism So Much?

Instead of launching into writing and releasing so many blog posts first I maybe should have explained my reasoning. After all, what's the big deal? Why not let people believe what they believe and leave them alone? Why spend so much time talking about something you don't believe to exist? Well let's start. The first … Continue reading Why Talk About Atheism So Much?

Testing Immersion For Language Learning

I've never really been a fan of the tactic of immersion for language learning, that by simply watching media in the language your learning you will pick up on it and start to understand the language better. Granted this includes taking notes and things like that. So today what I'm going to do is what … Continue reading Testing Immersion For Language Learning