Why Asian Drama’s?

I started outwardly seeking Asian Drama’s after a film called “train to Busan” and it was amazing, perhaps not for the reasons why you might think though. It was dumb and silly, and made you laugh, however outside of that it was very emotional and heart-warming. Ultimately ending very emotionally in a very nice way which made me want to watch more.

It told me that there was more out there, a lot more, and if I searched for it I would be in for a better time than I would continuing with what I did normally.

For a long time I had watched anime, but I had already seen so much. Even though I knew I hadn’t seen every anime I wanted to, most of the time I was not getting what I really wanted, and in general I was dropping a lot of things that I just wasn’t interested in. Honestly anime wasn’t really working for me.

However I thought to myself, theirs far more Asian drama’s out there, and I remembered train to Busan and thinking, there are still many classics and amazing things to find in this new medium, whereas in anime I’ve found them already.

So that’s why, I thought I’d try watching new things to try and get the best of a different kind of entertainment medium. It’s as simple as that!

So what have I found from doing this? Well that’s what the rest of the posts I make about Asian Drama’s will be about!

I don’t know if this way of getting into Asian drama’s is relatable, or the standard way. So I thought I’d maybe talk about the first Asian drama I watched or at least completed.

It was a Japanese adaptation of Great Teacher Onizuka, and it was genuinely amazing!

The anime is great on it’s own, however there was something so great about the live action adaptation of the manga.

Not only was it just as funny but it had something that I felt the anime might be lacking slightly, emotion.

The standard episode length of the new Great Teacher Onizuka was 45 minutes and they always focused on one issue. This was made more interesting and was always built up more in interesting ways to make you care so much more by the finale and ultimately convey a much more emotional conclusion. I remember crying most episodes it was that good, and you have to bear in mind I was the guy who wouldn’t shed a tear during CLANNAD – because CLANNAD was shit but oh well.

It certainly was something special, and I continued to love the cast so much, that it just didn’t feel the same in season 2 when he went to a different school.

It was good, and I’ll miss that amazing atmosphere of watching a new Great Teacher Onizuka season 1 episode.

Thank you for reading day 1 of the 30 days of Asian Drama’s challenge. Here I answered both “When did you start watching Asian dramas?” and “First Drama you watched?” without you even realising it, and explaining why I watch Asian drama’s at the same time! See, isn’t this efficient?


5 thoughts on “Why Asian Drama’s?

  1. I love Asian dramas. The photo is from the newer adaptation of GTO. Have you seen the older/first Jdrama adaptation of GTO? I watched it right before I started university and I remembered I learned a lot of life lessons from it! I haven’t seen the newer adaptation but I should check it out some time.

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    1. Amazing, glad you like them! Though I enjoy them I’ve not seen many, so if you want to recommend me any favourites I’ll to watch them!

      I think I saw an episode on YouTube but it was really low quality, I just found it on Kissasian so I guess I can watch it there!

      I hope you enjoy the 30 day challenge I’m doing then! I haven’t actually seen many drama’s but I’m pressing on with the challenge anyway!

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        1. Ah yeah, I tried starting the manga but never continued it. I think I would enjoy it more as a live action so may watch it like that instead! I remember it being good, but just forgetting about it I think.

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