Time For A Change Time For More Posts

Hey I’ve not done any regular blog posting in a very long time, so I thought I’d try one of those 30 day challenge things to see how it went. I’ve done the 30 days of anime challenge already so that leaves me with doing the 30 days Asian drama challenge!

Here is a sneak peak of what you may find, taken from this Facebook post I found online. Because of the fact that I have not seen many Asian drama’s I’ll be choosing from a pool of 60 at which one I want to do, and will have available to me all the questions from the previous.

So it’s like essentially getting two 30 day challenges and merging them together.

Here are what I can choose from.

First Challenge

    • Day 1: First Drama you watched?
    • Day 2: Your first Japanese Drama?
    • Day 3: Your first Korean Drama?
    • Day 4: Your first Taiwanese Drama?
    • Day 5: Your all time favorite Asian Drama?
    • Day 6: Your least favorite Asian Drama?
    • Day 7: Your favorite Japanese Drama?
    • Day 8: Your favorite Korean Drama?
    • Day 9: Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?
    • Day 10: Your favorite Drama insert song?
  • Day 11: Your favorite Drama opening?
  • Day 12: Your favorite Drama ending?
  • Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?
  • Day 14: What Drama are you currently watching?
  • Day 15: Your favorite actor?
  • Day 16: Your favorite actress?
  • Day 17: Your favorite Drama character?
  • Day 18: Name a Drama you dropped, and why?
  • Day 19: Your favorite Drama genre?
  • Day 20: Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)?
  • Day 21: Your least favorite Asian drama actress?
  • Day 22: Your least favorite Asian drama actor?
  • Day 23: A drama you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?
  • Day 24: Drama with the best ending in your opinion?
  • Day 25: Drama with the worst ending in your opinion?
  • Day 26: Name an overrated Drama?
  • Day 27: Name an underrated Drama?
  • Day 28: A Drama that made you cry?
  • Day 29: A Drama that made you cry from laughter?
  • Day 30: A Drama you never get tired of?


Second Challenge



  • 01. When did you start watching Asian dramas?
  • 02. Which Asian Drama(s) are you currently watching.
  • 03. The worst Asian drama you’ve ever seen.
  • 04. Favorite couple in an Asian drama.
  • 05. Which Asian drama made you cry.
  • 06. Favorite Asian drama OST.
  • 07. Do you watch Asian dramas for their storyline, actors/actresses or both.
  • 08. Favorite male character in an Asian drama.
  • 09. Do you download or watch them at a stream site?
  • 10. An Asian character that is most like you
  • 11. Your least favorite male character?
  • 12. Which Asian drama genre do you mostly like to watch.
  • 13. Favorite female character in an Asian drama.
  • 14. Do you watch Asian drama that have a lot of episodes (ex. 40+)?
  • 15. Favorite drama season and why. (like summer 2013 because it had the best dramas during that time)
  • 16. Which Asian drama(s) would you like to see a 2nd season of.
  • 17. Who would you give the best acting award of all time to.
  • 18. Your least favorite female character.
  • 19. Have you rewatched an Asian drama more than 3 times? if yes, which one.
  • 20. Favorite drama episode.
  • 21. A picture of your favorite scene in an Asian drama.
  • 22. Your first Asian drama that you watched.
  • 23. What are your top 5 Asian dramas.
  • 24. Favorite character (insert your favorite actor/actress) has ever played.
  • 25. Describe Asian dramas in one word.
  • 26. The funniest Asian drama you’ve ever seen.
  • 27. Favorite Asian dramas from each year since you started watching.
  • 28. Favorite thing about (insert your favorite actor/actress).
  • 29. How many Asian drama have you seen in total.
  • 30. Which Asian drama are you anticipating?


This will obviously take 30 days, so expect only this for a while! Let’s see how it goes, am actually unsure if I will be able to complete this challenge!

Would write more, but I’ve got 30 days worth of blog posts to write! Can’t be dawdling here! See you tomorrow!


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