January 2017 – What I watched

As a fun idea I thought that for every month I might write a review/ recap of all the anime and manga that I read/watched this January to comment and review everything instead of dedicating too many shows to an individual post. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor – All episodes This is by my favourite show I’ve … Continue reading January 2017 – What I watched

How Anime Makes Bad Villains

Through my adventure of trying to binge read one piece (I’m on chapter 575 if anyone’s keeping track) I’ve noticed one recurring theme that I dislike and it’s been bothering me for such a long time that I’ve started noticing it in other shows as well. That thing is bad villains and a whole lot … Continue reading How Anime Makes Bad Villains

The Appeal Of Sports Anime (Why you should watch even if you’re not a sports fan)

I feel that it’s quite safe to say that not a lot of anime fans also like sports. Besides the mainstream sports shows I feel that most shows are overlooked by many fans, some of whom disregard the genre completely without giving it any thoughts. As the creators of most sports anime appreciate that a … Continue reading The Appeal Of Sports Anime (Why you should watch even if you’re not a sports fan)

What I Want From Anime: Good Cliffhangers

A somewhat weird thing to want, I do admit however I feel like it’s quite an easy thing to justify. Having watching anime for a long time I’ve not felt hooked into a show for a while, there’s plenty of shows that I enjoyed just not any that I was motivated to finish quickly. For … Continue reading What I Want From Anime: Good Cliffhangers

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Yoshino Theory

I thought of this idea immediately after watching episode three of this anime. I have not read ahead in the manga and I don’t know if this has already happened or will happen in the story so potential spoilers. As well as this, my theory may change the way you view the show for the … Continue reading Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Yoshino Theory