How To Binge Read Manga

For quite long manga’s it’s quite difficult to get into due to the large amount of chapters which seem daunting. This is why I have put off getting into one piece for a long time however recently I’ve been trying to binge read it and found some tips that help can help you read manga quicker to catch up or to just finish reading more manga. You might want to do this to talk about it with others and join in the discussion or to read up to a certain part in the anime and carry on watching from there. After all, reading the manga is far faster than watching the anime.

Finding the Manga – Should you read the volumes, on a computer, kindle or other.

One of the first steps is finding an easy way to get access to the manga. If you wanted too you could buy the physical volumes as they are faster to read however some can be hard to get and they are expensive so it’s not really the best way to binge read. I recommend getting a manga app on your phone and downloading the chapters 25 or 50 at a time. This is better than reading on a website as it can have long load times between pages and the screen being bigger makes reading slower. When you read on a PC screen the words and pictures are more spaced out which is bad for quick reading (This isn’t saying which way is better to read just which way is faster), so reading on a phone would be faster – unless you don’t have the eye-sight to read small words. Either one of these should be fine, if your phone doesn’t have apps; you’re reading this on a computer so you have the internet to find chapters online just fine! If you’re looking for good phone apps I use manga searcher (android) and manga reader (ios)

Finding Time

Alright, so you’ve found an easy way to get new chapters and you’re ready to start reading. So how do you put yourself through 852 chapters? I’m not going to teach speed reading techniques (theirs probably many posts on this) but I will tell you what I do that you could also do while reading.

From half forty to 11:30 I’m reading one piece before I go to bed, I’m reading on my phone whilst listening to music. This routine doesn’t work for everyone but it works for me. If you have troubles sleeping after looking at a screen then don’t do this but it can work just fine if it doesn’t affect you. I’m sure it feels like you have basically no time but it’s actually easy to find, if you’re reading this then you probably like anime so why not cut out watching three episodes and instead dedicate that time to reading? If I dedicated an extra hour in a day to reading one piece instead of being on chapter 470 in one month I would have completed it by now.

Good Reading Music – Don’t Listen To The Typical Advice, it doesn’t work.

Another important thing is choosing the music to listen too, if you’re used to reading anyway then you probably don’t need to bother with this however for people like me with low attention spans it’s pretty useful. From personal experience I don’t think slow classical type music is beneficial, it will slow your pace down. I listen to music that I’m extremely familiar with but not my favourites, just listen to songs that you’ve known for a long time which you think is simply “alright”. This is because you’ll be so used to the songs that it won’t affect your reading and you won’t like them enough to distract you. If you want to know what I listen to one of the albums is here: I’ve listened to it so often that I find concentrating with it going on easy. Consequently you can listen to a podcast if they don’t distract you (I’m currently listening to a podcast right now, it’s a university lecture about kingdom hearts – the game franchise)

The Insane one Week Method

So you don’t like the one/ two month method. Ok, here’s the insane way that you can read it in a week: For five hours a day read 25 chapters per hour. It’s possible, I’ve done this once, and in theory it’s possible yet pretty unrealistic.

How To Persevere

Think of the reason why you want to finish this series? Do you need to catch up with your friends, join in with discussions or e.c.t. It helps to have a goal that you’re going to do after catching up. For example I’m catching up to one piece to watch a lot of podcasts where they talk about one piece, I’m a fan of some people who make other podcasts but I want to see them talk about one piece too.

As well as this try to never miss a day, even if you’re sick or ill in bed you can push yourself to read one chapter. They only take five minuets of the day so it’s not much of a burden to do. As well as this if you missed a day don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s ok to make a few mistakes as long as you try and improve on them and solve them.

Theirs many other things like awarding yourself for every ten chapters read or just giving up, reading the chapter summaries online and then continue from the latest chapter as if nothing every happened. (Just to say I don’t recommend this, it’s just an option for if you hate reading – though your on a blogging website, if you don’t enjoy reading then why are you here?)

If Your struggling…

As this is a “how to” I’m prepared to update this to answer comments or questions so if there’s something that I didn’t address then feel free to ask away. If not, good luck reading one piece!

2 thoughts on “How To Binge Read Manga

  1. Depends on how much you consider binge reading, because I read like 5 or so chapters, but that s a full manga volume. I never felt the need to read 20+ chapters in one day.


    1. Fair enough. I would not consider 5 chapters a day binge reading, but I guess it easily could be, especially for monthly manga. I guess this is more for the people who do want to be reading a bit more. Thanks for the thoughts!


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