Three Years Of Blogging!

Three years ago today I started my blog and never looked back. To be honest, I think this recent year has been the most interesting year so far. A lot of things happened. I completely changed the nature of my blog, and probably started releasing the largest variety of content I've ever made. Of course … Continue reading Three Years Of Blogging!

The War On Christmas Seems Irrelevant

Before we begin, here is the initial duck duck go image results for when you search "christmas" I feel like the difference between saying  "Happy Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" is besides the point to the war on Christmas. Don't get me wrong, it makes perfect sense to say "Happy Holidays" as there are many festivals … Continue reading The War On Christmas Seems Irrelevant

Sexual Repression In Christianity

Its interesting the ways that religion's routes can have long lasting consequences over you. I count myself lucky that my deconversion was so simple, with my faith in all things Christian slowly diminishing in every possible way over time. Starting with simple observations such as prayer working at the same rate as chance, and things … Continue reading Sexual Repression In Christianity