Blogging Is Supposed To Be Fun!

We can sometimes find ourselves so easily bogged down and set in our ways of blogging about one particular subject that we can forget why we started doing it in the first place.

To some of us, blogging can feel like a job, or an obligation to the community that we’re in. We don’t always write because we enjoy, but because we may have readers who expect a certain kind of content from us, or want our opinions on the newest things, or because we simply have a release schedule for blog posts and want to keep to it, even if we really have nothing we actually want to write about.

This blog post idea started a long time ago when I saw a blogger (whose username I’ve long forgotten) say something along the lines of “I don’t want to write about this, but I have too”

And I immediately thought, of course you don’t. You don’t have to write about anything, or even be a blogger. Though the person who said it likely meant it in a very unserious way, where they really did want to write about it just reluctantly, it made me think about my own blog.

Though my readership was small, I did sometimes write out of no reason other than obligation and wanting to maintain a release schedule, and the primary subject of the blog in question, which it was initially established to be, was something I didn’t really enjoy or associate with anymore.

This is a thing that makes no sense. Why write simply out of obligation, wanting to please readers, continue the old theme of your blog, or to keep a release schedule?

It’s forgetting the primary reason you probably started in the first place – fun.

If you don’t enjoy blogging, then why not change it up a little?

It’s so easy to form groups together with other bloggers or readers that you kind of feel like you want to stay. But if you don’t enjoy writing the posts that your writing then what are you doing here?

Perhaps you don’t enjoy writing your blog posts, but maybe you value the message. Say you are a vegan and feel you want to spread your message further then that is something I can respect a lot.

But if neither the message nor the subject matter is worth it to you, then what are you doing?

I recommend finding something you do find fun to blog about instead. At the very least, you’ll have more fun writing posts!

It’s not like the bloggers you made friends with will suddenly stop wanting to be friends with you, and if your friendship is conditional on you being interested in the same thing they are, then I wouldn’t really call that friendship! You can still interact with the people you knew just the same.

Sure a lot of people may be unhappy with your change, however they should be happy you’ve found something your more interested in, and don’t feel obligated to you anymore. As a reader (if I did actually read other people’s blog posts) the last thing I would want is for the blogger to be obligated to what I want from them.

I hate how this post came with the baseline assumption that you don’t enjoy writing for your blog, that’s not at all what I meant. If you enjoy what you’re writing about, that’s great and amazing! I’m preaching to the choir.

I want to say for those of you who are like how I was, just writing blog posts for the wrong reasons, then it’s ok to do something different!



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