Please Sub The Rest of IPartment! (And the Rest of The Asian Drama’s I Like) – Where My Chinese Subs At?

I am currently watching several Asian Drama’s however one of these is “IPartment” or “ai qing gong yu” and if you want a brief description of what you might be in for by watching it, it’s like China’s absurd version of “Friends” – or so I’ve been told. I’ve not actually seen “Friends”

Essentially we follow a core group of a small number of people as they go through their daily lives, each of them having new problems and interesting things each time. It is always funny and insane.

There is just one issue of course, which is, where are the rest of the subtitles? I can’t find where to watch all of it in sub!

There are just a couple of episodes from each season available so I’ve not seen nearly as much as I would like too!

It’s not like ipartment is a really obscure title, in fact it is an insanely popular Chinese TV show!

But who cares about China, it’s not like their language is the most popular and therefore more useful, it’s not like they have a lot of people living there, it’s not like the culture is massively different and interesting, and it’s not like they make good TV shows!

It’s really popular, so is “Home with Kids” which also needs more subs, and so is “Big head son little head daddy” which seems ideal for learning the language, if only you could check that you got the right meaning for the subs afterwards!

All of these are massively popular and I see why no reason should take more of an interest in other drama’s from other countries.

Fair enough if it’s obscure, but it’s not. Though I understand China is larger than all of the other countries these drama’s tend to come from that doesn’t mean we should ignore iconic classics and massively popular shows that people watch all the time!

When I bring these up to my Chinese friends they love them so much, and say they used to watch them all the time. Don’t you think it’s worth considering them then?

The unfortunate argument here is “If you like them, then why not translate them yourself?” – and my answer is that of course I’m not good enough yet. I am trying to learn, and I’ll get back to you in 10 years with a completed set of Ipartment episodes if nobody has got to them by then.

But right now, if some other group, passionate about fandubbing could do it, then that would be great!

I would like to watch these shows now rather than later.

Also if you do know where I can find good Chinese dubs, then please let me know! I would love to see them on any website really, it doesn’t matter. Right now Kissasian is not cutting it with all the shows I want to see!

Anyway that’s enough for today. Thank you for reading day 3 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge. Hard to believe we’re already 1/10 of the way in, I’m wondering if I even have enough to say for 30 days! We’ll see!

Today I answered the question of “Which Asian Drama(s) are you currently watching?” which I talked about in the first sentence and then immediately decided to move on, but who came blame me. It’s what I’m currently watching, and it’s what I’d like to keep currently watching!


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