Shows With Ridiculously High Episode Counts

To many people the number of episodes in a series can be off-putting, and people may not want to get into something that is so long since it might distract them from other things.

I think shows with a large episode count would be much more of a problem/concern for me if I actually cared about finishing what I started and keeping up with it until the end. The issue is that I don’t, I’ve dropped things only mere episodes before the finale and been fine with it.

So I could see that as being a concern to people, perhaps you will like the introduction but a production change could make the end suffer much more, or a new character or development could take place to make you dislike it.

But you could have that worry for all shows regardless if they’re long or short, and of course it will always be a problem.

And of course I think that theirs not really any particular reason why the episode count should put you off alone. You would only really drop it due to other factors.

For example if it looked bad you obviously wouldn’t watch it.

But what about this? How about the show you’re watching is a 6/10, you mildly enjoy it, and you like it more than you dislike it, but it’s not the best thing out there. Perhaps, even if you don’t dislike it, you might want to drop it anyway in order to watch a different show, as you don’t want to be stuck with something mediocre for a long time.

Perhaps you have a long list of things to watch, and if your drama is too long, then maybe you’d want to ditch it in favour of things that you can get out of the way.

For me, the only real thing I have plans to watch now are either what I’m currently watching, or films. I don’t have anything lined up for when I’ve finished to be perfectly honest, because I never consume or talk about asian drama content anywhere. It’s just me on my own sticking by myself watching what I currently want to watch, unless what I want to watch is a recommendation that I ask a friend for.

So I don’t really pay attention to an episode length.

But I can say honestly that some things don’t need to be massively long, and often it’s better to end a drama in places than to continue onto a new arc or plot line.

The ones that thrive in long form content are probably comedies and more episodic stories. Sometimes even if it’s the same you can just get bored of it, and it can loose it’s track and progress.

So case by case I guess. But in general I won’t look at the episode counts and will just drop it anyway if I’m not enjoying it.

Thanks for reading day 14 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! I can’t believe we’re nearly half way there! Today was answering “Do you watch Asian drama that have a lot of episodes (ex. 40+)?” – which I think I did a fine job of answering, though it feels like this isn’t actually an Asian drama challenge at all at this rate, just a media challenge. As the month goes on though the questions will get more specific as they start to run out of ideas, so I will definitely talk more about it at some point!



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