How I can Drop Shows So Easily

The most recent episode of an Asian Drama I watched was episode one of “I hear you” and I thought it would be good to run through what made me drop it in about ten minutes.

But now of course that I’ve explained this, I will likely have to watch the rest of the episode in order to see whether my impression was correct and I made the right choice.

Let’s start with the characters, I didn’t like them.

The main male character was stoic, and emotionless whereas the girl was overly nervous, to a point where it was ridiculous, she also had very little interesting things about them.

Then the whole idea of the first episode was building around some kind of mystery.

This mystery was why are these two people on a couples show when they only met two days ago? Amid this they show flashbacks of the girl at her job being made to accept things like this.

So I mainly dropped it because I didn’t like the characters, and didn’t really want to see a show based around these people – especially the main guy, as he was just horribly uninteresting to me.

You can play a relatively emotionless and stoic character such as Ling from Well Intended Love however you cannot simply put him there and expect you to like him. At least with Ling it’s funny when his world view is challenged and his attitude is interesting when he reacts to other people.

So how about the story?

It was probably the most interesting to me and the mystery was one of the only things that made me stick with it so long. What motives could they have for being on this show?

But ultimately when you think about it, theirs not many possibilities that it could be, and discovering it will likely give a predictable and easy reason, only in the process making you learn about these characters more, but as I explained already – not that interested!

As well as that, I don’t know it was just boring to me. They had a moment where the girl was supposed to be hesitating and forgetting her lines, and the pauses were just way too long and it wasn’t awkward to watch at all, just annoying.

The way that these two people interact with each other is just nasty as well. The girl just looks scared of the guy and the guy just seems horrible.

Anyway that’s why I didn’t like it, and that’s why I dropped it! I hope you can understand my reasons why, potentially I will return to this question to answer, did I make the right decision?

Anyway thanks for reading day 13 of the 30 days of Asian Drama challenge! It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the half way mark so soon, and it’s even harder to believe that none of the posts for this challenge, not even the announcement are out yet as I write this! I guess I just wanted to write a lot! Today I answered the question “The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?”


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