Introductions Count For Characters, Please Use Better Writing!

If you introduce a character to be a certain way, then if they suddenly change in the next episode for seemingly no reason then it’s kind of clear that there was an error with the characters introduction as they seemingly give off the wrong impression.

The character like this for me was Chu Yun from “Well Intended Love” which you can find on Netflix.

So what was wrong with Chu Yun’s character? Well they simply portrayed him wrong in his introduction, and he became a much better character later on.

So what went wrong as a first introduction?

Well it comes back to the idea of over the top ridiculous characters purely there for gag comedy.

At the start his character is very exaggerated, and he acts ridiculously, in a way that nobody would act, and it kind of makes you hate him.

The way he acts is nothing like he acts in even episode two so it wasn’t really that good. He comes across as overly jealous, extreme, and camp when later he doesn’t even act remotely like that!

He plays the part of an antagonist who kind of becomes a friend. He sees the two characters getting married, and thinks that the girl only married the guy for his money, so he initially wants to protect his friend.

This leads to a kind of small war where they hate each other, and are always trying to get in each others way. It’s hilarious and interesting to watch. I genuinely love that.

And as you can see them interact more, it’s easy to slow them see coming to be really good friends, to the point where you love to see them together in every scene, he helps out a lot, and is always funny.

His cocky attitude is always quite funny and predictable, and always blows up in his face in humorous ways when it goes wrong.

What is most fascinating to me is when he develops a crush on his friend’s wife. It’s quite sad, and the way he deals with it is really interesting, and makes you ultimately like him so much more. As well as that his interaction with later characters makes you sure it won’t effect him too much.

I don’t know, all I can say is that I was wrong. And the character grew on me a lot to make me always look forward to seeming them in a scene together.

His relationship with his father is sad and traumatic, and he definitely gets a lot of character development for the better. IDK, it just works so well in my opinion.

It makes me sad that they didn’t introduce him right at the start though. Even in episode two he was insanely likeable! Introductions count for characters! Please use better writing!

Thank you for reading day 11 of the 30 day Asian drama challenge! We’re already so far into it, it’s crazy! Today I was answering “Your least favorite male character?” – This definitely counts ok! For sure.

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