This Has To Be The Most Messed Up Start To A Relationship In Asian Drama!

Netflix has a certain drama called “Well-Intended Love” and if I’m being completely honest, “Well-Intended” are the only really good ways to describe it. Because although it’s fine now, and smooth sailing, it wasn’t always like that.

Let me tell you the story of how these couples came to be.

A person called Ling was a very rich and powerful man, however he didn’t have time for a relationship and never chose one.

One day he was simply walking around a cake shop minding his own business looking at which was the best choice. He was looking for a birthday cake because his birthday was soon.

However when he went to buy it, he found that he didn’t have his wallet with him, which meant that he couldn’t buy it. However the girl behind him had a free two for one coupon which she used to buy the cake for him. After this they left each other.

This girl would later be the person that Ling would eventually try to marry, based off just this encounter and one other.

When Ling’s dad died he was very sad, and drunk the night away, only to be helped into his car by a girl, the same girl from the cake shop. He only remembered later that this girl in particular was her.

Those were the only interactions that they had, however he got one of his workers to stalk her in order to find out what her name was, and then he always kept track of her progress and record from a far distance.

Here is where the problems start.

The name of this girl is Xia Lin, and she one day found that she had cancer when she went to the hospital, and she also learned that there were no willing donors to help her.

This is where the issues start, because it turns out that there is one donor who is a match, but is unwilling to donate at that specific time, this person, as you might guess was Ling.

So let’s get this right, Ling pretended to this girl that she was going to die from cancer just so that he could see her!

It was no coincidence, Ling owned the hospital, and arranged for this to happen, it’s confirmed in the show!

After this, instead of saying “yes I’ll make sure you don’t die” he continuously avoids and refuses her requests, only accepting to donate if she marries him. It’s so messed up how he faked the whole thing!

She of course accepts (because that’s the plot of the story) and is forced to take 2 months off work just to have this fake treatment! It’s entirely ridiculous.

Sure I really love their relationship and they are probably… my favourite Asian drama couple… but still, it’s so messed up!

If you want to see this for yourself, I did genuinely enjoy it a lot, despite it’s obvious moral inconsistencies. You can find “well intended love” on Netflix if you so wish.

Thank you for reading day 10 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! I hope you found this an interesting read! Today was answering “Favourite couple in an Asian drama?”


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