Why do Good Shows Get Under-hyped?

This question is very subjective, and some may argue that a show is only as popular is it should be, however if shows can gain massive popularity, only to retroactively have it’s fan base turn on it and realise how bad it is (SAO) then surely it is possible that a good show could have the exact opposite?

I am unsure of any shows that are out there currently, which started very under-hyped and not talked about and had the complete opposite. And if it did, let’s take the case of Rakugo Shinju from anime, it was through YouTuber’s talking about it so much and spreading it on to other people.

So let’s talk about Rakugo and what happened. In terms of anime, what is popular at the start of each season has a lot to do with the posters, the studio’s, the directors and what’s being talked about at the time. When a show has none of this it’s difficult for it to gain traction.

And that’s when you get brought to the next problem, which is the lack of an eye-catching first episode.

Rakugo is one of those message kinds of anime, which means that it’s ability to hook the watcher could never reach the broad appeal to make it hyped.

That’s the sad truth about Evangelion in my opinion. Though I love it, and it has really great and good idea’s, no brilliant and fascinating idea’s, if you hate the pacing of the show then you’re kind of screwed.

I tried to watch Evangelion many times and was put off by the pacing and just found it too slow and therefore boring. It took really connecting with the characters upon a re-watch (and time) before I truly found how so many people could like it, and really started to enjoy the show myself.

It can be like that for a lot of people.

Let’s talk about another show the promised never land. I really loved it a lot, however I didn’t think it was perfect, and there were changes that I think would improve it, but massively reduce it’s hyped. I don’t think this is objective of course, it’s just subjectively this would make you like it more.

What if The Promised Neverland never had that introduction at the start that told you about the conspiracy, and what if you never saw the reveal at the end where the girl got eaten, highlighting the problem?

I don’t think it would have nearly had the hype or appeal that it did.

Yet I personally would like the show more because of it, though of course many would disagree.

This is because the element I enjoy more is the psychological, it’s just my interest. What if they didn’t know what was happening, and had to piece it together? And what if subtle hints made you learn about it, and the path to the truth felt more real as opposed to the twists and turns in the plans that can be made up?

I would enjoy that more because of my interests, yet maybe as a passive viewer who would like the promised neverland as it is much more, you would still be able to imagine that concept being good and interesting, even if it’s less interesting than what we got.

But whether you think this is better or not, which show would be more popular? Obviously the one we got, as it had instant hype.

So even if hypothetically everyone would enjoy my revised version of the show (which I doubt but let’s just assume anyway) a worse show can maybe be made just to make it more popular.

So here as you can see, sometimes the stuff that’s good isn’t always taken, especially today when there are at least 40 shows a season, meaning that it is easy to understand why a lot of people might lack the patience to get into potentially better shows.

Though still I think generally that we can trust consensus on what you will find good or bad.

Thank you for reading day 27 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I was answering the question “Name an underrated Drama?” – but wait this is all anime? Let me please refer you to a post I made called “Are Anime’s Also Asian Drama’s”

Alright see you tomorrow! We’re almost there!


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