Simona Wang

During the course of this challenge there has been one thing that has been asked a lot but never done, and that is to talk about actors and actresses, which ones you like, and which ones you don’t.

This is because I never follow actors and actresses and they don’t tend to be the things that ever draw me to a show. I always look at the concept and the ideas before everything else.

But though I have essentially talked about my favourite actor already, I’ve not talked about my favourite actress.

So I guess here she is, my favourite actress in an Asian drama.

Simona Wang as Xia Lin, and it has to be this combination.

I suppose this is answering many questions at once since she counts as a lot of my favourites, which is what would make this challenge very hard for me.

So what do I like so much about Simona Wang as Xia Lin?

Well basically everything.

I like how innocently scheming and overpowering she can try to be, as well as the way she acts towards Ling the person she’s in love with.

She is a very small in popularity actress and one thing I can respect about her is that she doesn’t abuse her power. The person she marries is very famous, and could launch her career into stardom immediately using his vast riches, or fame at the very least. However this is not the case.

She wants to keep the marriage a secret, and she doesn’t want Ling to do anything for her, even when she has many problems that he could easily solve, she tries to solve them on her own using her own power that she has.

Her attitude towards it is great to see.

Another interesting thing about her is her rivalry with another character which is just hilarious. Xia Lin when she’s mad and fighting someone is absolutely hilarious. It’s just a joy to see!

But what makes me able to say that she is my favourite actress? Well the true answer is that plays my favourite female character. And I don’t have any other actresses I like more because I’ve only seen a new actress in a new show (excluding season 2’s) so there isn’t really a way to judge it very well.

And I don’t know if I’d want to watch another show with Simona Wang acting in it, the property that good actors have is that they can change and act much differently depending on the show, they are of course not themselves.

So seeing her in a different show would almost definitely change my impression of her and I don’t like that.

There is another factor that makes me like her a lot, she’s insanely cute. Contrary to what you might expect I don’t find myself finding a lot of Asian drama actress’ attractive. I don’t know why really. Maybe what Asian people find as attractive women is not the same as me, in which case, I’m more than fine with that!

Thank you for reading day 28 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I answered the questions: “Favorite thing about (insert your favorite actor/actress)”, “Favorite character (insert your favorite actor/actress) has ever played”, “Who would you give the best acting award of all time to?”, “Favorite female character in an Asian drama?”, “Your favorite Drama character?” and “Your favorite actress?”see you tomorrow! We’re so close now!

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