So How Many Asian Drama’s Have I Actually Seen?

This is the one that I have been looking forward too the most, I have made it through 29 days of Asian drama’s so let’s see how much of it I’ve actually seen!

My total watch time on MyDramaList is… 2 days, 15 hours and 39 minutes!

Yeah I’ve talked about Asian drama’s for 27 more days than I’ve actually seen it haha

I guess I tricked you!

But let’s break it down further.

I can count the number of Asian drama’s that I’ve seen, and finished to completion on two hands.

Let’s do it now. The shows I’ve completed:

Animal World, GTO Remake Season 1, JoJo’s Bizarre adventure Diamond is Unbreakable, Kaili Blues, Liar Game, Liar Game: Reborn, The Handmaiden, Train to Busan and well Intended Love.

So what about the shows I’m currently watching?

iPartment, ‘Kill me, heal me’, Liar Game (Korean version), Liar Game 2 and W.

Yeah not a lot there either, though of course they’re long shows but I’ve not progressed so much with all of them!

In fact if you want to split it up it’s 12 hours of film and 2 and a bit days of drama, and I think on balance I would like to watch more films, as I always tend to enjoy them more. But I can explain more about that tomorrow.

So what else is there? On Hold?

Well that’s just GTO Remake season 2!

My plan to watch list is much greater than any other list but not combined, here they are as well.

  1. A Korean Odyssey
  2. Black
  3. Farewell My Concubine
  4. Hachihiko no Monogatari
  5. Initial D
  6. My Love From Another Star
  7. Nine: Nine times time travel
  8. Oh my Ghosts!
  9. Our Times
  10. Pinocchio
  11. Romance Is A Bonus Book
  12. Strong Woman Do Bu Song
  13. Suddenly 17
  14. To Live

If there are any of these that you’ve seen then please let me know, and also let me know if I should watch them!

Using myanimelist there is a website called which gives you facts and statistics on the anime that you’ve seen, unfortunately we don’t have that luxury so far. However mydramalist does have a statistics function that gives you more information than myanimelist itself will give you without returning to another site.

It’s actually quite interesting.

It gives a score for how many shows from specific genre’s you’ve seen and a list of tags from the shows you’ve seen, telling you what kind of search terms you use.

So here it is!


Whaaat! I don’t know I guess it’s interesting.

Obviously the first thing that is apparent is how different it is to my anime habits. There isn’t any harem up there for example, and school is insanely low down. Drama is crazy high and thriller and psychological is above average. Interesting.

Also adapted from a manga is quite high there as well, but what do you expect from an anime fan?

Alright that’s it for day 29 of the 30 days of anime challenge! So 29 days, for 14 shows at most. Wow I did so well! The sad thing is I don’t normally have that many ideas, this has been a true challenge for me and it’s been interesting. Sure I’ve brought back things that I’ve said before, but I think that there is a lot of new stuff here that made it quite good, join me for the finale tomorrow! You won’t want to miss it!


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