How Bad Shows get Over-hyped – Using Kid’s Cartoon’s as Examples

Big head son, little head daddy is a series that brings a smile upon every person’s face who has known it and grown up with it. The series has been recommended to me by multiple people and followed up with by friends to see what I thought about it.

However, much to their disappointment it didn’t impress.

This show is completely a kids show, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it. In fact it’s been said that things only enjoyable by children are not good at all.

So when these people beam with excitement I have to think, maybe it should be better than this!

So what’s so overrated about it? Well it’s just so normal and boring. It’s just a kid who gets up to whacky shenanigans and learns moral lessons. It’s also not funny to me, and has surprisingly few places for comedy in contrast to other shows of the same nature.

So what’s happened here? Nostalgia goggles happened.

There is a show that I watched recently called Merlin. I watched it as a kid and loved it. The show itself was a kind of adventure of the week set in medieval times. I re-watched a couple of seasons and felt like it still held up. But did I think it was as good as it was? Not really, and would I recommend it to someone who didn’t see it as a kid? Almost definitely not.

It’s good, but still childish, and a whole lot of the benefits is remembering my time as a kid and reflecting back on that, it made me enjoy it so much more than I would have done previously.

I still think that it’s a good show, however if I had seen it without memory of it from when I was a kid, then I probably wouldn’t have even given it the time of day. It would have been “Looks funny and cool in a childlike innocent kind of way, but maybe theirs something better out there to watch”

So this is when a show get’s overrated, but it’s not the only way. How do bad shows become overrated and over-hyped?

I could talk about Sword Art Online, because of how widely considered it is as popular but trash. However I would rather talk about a show that I was actually caught in the hype of, which was actually kind of mediocre, or good, but not worthy of the hype.

When I watched episode one of Erased, I was completely hyped for it, and I tried to make all my friends who had seen even an episode of anime watch it.

Though I still massively enjoyed it, as it progressed it became slightly slower and slightly less hyped, eventually resulting in what most people will agree to be a disappointing ending.

I still enjoyed it, but if you balance the quality of the start with the end it does not deserve the hype.

But that’s what get’s hype, all you need is a really good and interesting start to make you want to watch all of it, and that’s what get’s people talking about you.

Theirs likely more, but I don’t want to cover anything else here.

Thank you for reading day 26 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today’s question was “Name an overrated Drama?” – Oh wait, do these really count as drama’s? Oh well, who cares really? Nobody is holding me to this challenge but myself after-all! See you tomorrow!


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