The Excellence of Parody – IPartments Amazing Inception Episode

When I think of how to introduce people to Ipartment I have two options, the normal route of episode one (which is amazing) or just the Inception episode of season 4. And I think I have to say, it depends on how much you like the Inception.

If you watched the Inception episode of Ipartment I’m sure you would love it. Though it is technically in order and there is an ongoing story, you don’t necessarily need that to understand what is going on.

If you would like to watch it, you can find it here on YouTube!

So this is all about parody, so what must a parody do? Well being funny would help, as well as that referencing the source enough to make it funny without copying, and potentially building on it further to make it more of it’s own thing. And I think the Inception episode does that very well.

We are introduced with the ending, a man jumping off the sixth floor of a building after hearing that his girlfriend is not pregnant. We then jump to 18 hours previously.

It’s explained to us that the girl is pregnant however she doesn’t know who the father is, but it might be the main character of this specific episode. It starts very innocently, where a friend of the man suggests therapy to help him reach a good answer, he then takes this.

This is where the parody of Inception starts, the therapist is actually a hypno-therapist who puts him in a trance so that he can go off and play league of legends. It’s in these sleeps, or dreams, or layers that strange things start to happen, as we see this mans life slowly change.

He goes to a party, however it’s strange because everybody thinks he’s a dad, and everyone he talks too talks about his baby and how they might help him/her in the future. He dismisses them as crazy, only to find out later that this was a party thrown specifically for him, so that he could celebrate becoming a father. He is forced to change costume into a dad costume with a baby on his chest, which turns into a real one. He freaks out and wakes up. But this is just the second layer.

He then finds an impostor replaced with him, who everybody loves and believes is him. Upon confrontation it turns out that this is exactly what he said he wanted, however it’s clear that in practice, he means the opposite. He keeps on running into this person and realises how much we doesn’t want to be replaced.

The third layer is without a doubt the best, the baby is born straight away instantly, and he rushes to the hospital, only to find that the mother is dying and a family member needs to be there to save her. However couples can save her too (dream logic I guess).

So he gets given a survey to prove he knows his girlfriend very well, which it turns out he doesn’t. And he realises just how little he knows about her, much to his sadness.

Then he gets given a second survey which is the opposite, it’s not a “what do you know about her” survey, but more of a “what has she done for you” and as he fills it in he slowly realises how much she really cares about him, and loves him. And it makes him promise to change into a different person who cares about him more.

Then he runs into the hospital room, and it’s like the exact scene from Inception, where she’s lying in bed much like the father with the fan/flower thing next to her.

Then the girl dies, as they have their last romantic moments together, it’s really sad, and it made me cry. It was such an amazing moment.

Then after that, of course, he claims to be the father of her child out of love. But of course, when he wakes up he still thinks that. Which is kind of the point of Inception, to plant ideas.

He goes to her to say that he is the father, but then it’s revealed that she’s not pregnant. He then starts to panic. But then he realises one thing, this must be the 4th layer, and to escape from such a low deep down layer you have to jump from a high place, hence he jumps from the 6th floor of the building, explaining everything, and it’s such a funny and satisfying conclusion – ending with a gag about him landing in a tree.

I don’t know it was just brilliant. I really like Inception so it was really fun to see everything, and the emotional roller coaster was so great and it made me cry!

Anyway, thanks for reading day 5 of the 30 days of asian drama challenge. This time I answered the question of “Which Asian drama made you cry?” which I feel like I answered quite well! See you tomorrow!





4 thoughts on “The Excellence of Parody – IPartments Amazing Inception Episode

    1. Oh I’m sorry you didn’t like it, I just loved all the references, found it funny, and really emotional at the end!

      I’m glad you liked the change. Sometimes it’s fun to watch something different. If it’s something like anime, you’ve likely seen all of the ones considered to be “the best”, however with Asian drama’s theirs still a lot more to discover that we haven’t even thought about yet!

      I’m glad you found it interesting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wait wait, I totally didn’t dislike it! It was surprisingly fun, but just decided to go to sleep instead because I’m determined to follow a regular sleep schedule.

        That said, I do probably lack the commitment to watch anything longer than anime episodes right now. 😅

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah I know the feeling, it feels strange to watch things of normal length again after you’ve seen anime so long, especially if they’re comedies and not actual stories.

          Happy you liked it though, perfectly understand that

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