I Hate Superlative Questions

I’m currently doing this 30 days Asian drama challenge where I need to answer a different question every day from a list of thirty, and I’m starting to get a little annoyed by the frequency of superlative questions.

What are superlative questions? It’s stuff like “favourite”, “least favourite”, “best”, “worst”

Let me give you a brief showing of what I have had to work with “Your all time favourite Asian Drama?”, “Your least favourite Asian Drama?”,  “Your favourite Japanese Drama?”, Your favourite Korean Drama?, “Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?”, “Your favorite Drama insert song?”, “Your favorite Drama opening?”, “Your favorite Drama ending?”, “Your favourite actor?”, “Your favourite actress?”, “Your favourite Drama character?”, “Your favourite Drama genre?”, “Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)?” just to name a few. And it’s quite annoying.

The reason being, who is walking around with all these favourites?

I would be surprised if anyone had more than ten things going around in their head which was their favourite. Favourite food, song, friend,  colour, and TV show, then it breaks off into small special interests.

Let’s say you’re like me, it might be favourite food, song, colour, TV show, friend, anime, Asian drama, English word and Chinese word. Like that’s not a lot, and I doubt anyone has much more.

It’s just not fun to choose favourites, who wants to narrow it down? I’m also a person who doesn’t know myself what colour or food I like the most, and my favourite TV shows and anime’s are simply a guess! It’s impossible to completely say which one you definitively like the most.

You can also have favourites in a rock, paper, scissors kind of way. Where in some situations one food beats the other, and in others it loses. Depending on your mood and situation at the time it’s very easy for that to change!

What I find myself saying to favourite is often “I like this…” because I don’t know for sure, and I don’t want to give people the wrong impression.

Let’s take it in the example of Asian drama’s because they’re what this challenge is all about. If I were to take this challenge seriously I might say that “Well Intended Love” is my favourite Asian drama, however this is really unfair to me.

First of all it feels like I’ve seen very little shows in the genre of Asian drama’s, so it’s not like I think the show deserves such a high ranking title as “my favourite”, and there are things I’m watching right now that could be better.

For example, if the entirety of Ipartment was subbed then it might be that, however it isn’t! As well as that it depends on the mood I’m in, if I want to watch anything else other than “happy rom com drama” then my favourite suddenly stops looking so good.

Anyway, asking people to choose a favourite is annoying and tedious, and you’re a dick if you ask people it all the time. Not just because it’s annoying to decide, but the conversation it produces is not nearly as interesting as it could be.

Thank you for reading day 20/30 of the 30 day Asian drama challenge! Today I was answering the question “Your all time favourite Asian Drama?”, see you tomorrow when I hopefully will get something that isn’t a superlative!

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