Air City – When Korea Gets Meth

If you were to say “Western drama” and “Meth” it’s not difficult to assume that you would leap towards thinking about Breaking Bad. Now could you imagine a version of Breaking Bad, but it’s an Asian drama instead?

I personally couldn’t, and if there is a show like breaking bad but Asian then please let me know, because that sounds insane.

No I’m sorry if I got your hopes up, but air city is not that, no it’s not that at all.

Air city is a K-drama set in an airport where you follow a security guard who has to deal with issues that you may face at an air port, such as illegal immigration, fights and smuggling of drugs.

Enter meth.

The security guard has to find out who has it, track them down and find it. It’s a complicated mystery, one that I did not enjoy and dropped at the end of episode one.

There was a moment that I found very interesting, where a man was sitting down, a girl sat down behind, and they exchanged briefcases, meanwhile a man watched and followed, but it was more complicated, it’s hard to remember.

But the reason why I dropped it was because it was just confusing to me, it expected you to remember too much in such a short amount of time, and when you use complicated and long names a lot then it’s hard to follow everything.

There is also an issue where it takes me a while to get used to characters, sometimes it’s hard to remember who is who and what roles people have, making following the drama difficult.

The show itself was a mystery, and when the person who I sure was the bad guy turned out to be good, it was very confusing. As well as that I just couldn’t really follow what was going on, so I dropped it.

It’s funny how simple these reasons can be.

The main issue was when it seemed to be episodic and I realised it would soon turn out to be across at least two episodes, and I got to the end and didn’t really get it.

The funny thing was that it was an interesting experience to watch, and I wasn’t bored for a lot of it, the things that were happening were interesting and at least a couple of my characters were very entertaining to watch due to their interesting attitude and interaction with the rest of the characters.

So it was more realising that I had got to the end, and nothing had been solved, and I had no clue what was going on that pushed me over the edge. Though it wasn’t awful, my time was best spent watching something else as this definitely wasn’t the best Asian drama out there.

Thanks for reading day 18 of the 30 days of Asian drama challenge! Today I answered the question “Name a Drama you dropped, and why?” See you tomorrow for more (Asian drama) stuff.


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