Drawing Your Favourite Iconic Manga (Badly)

Welcome back to my drawing manga series, where I draw really good manga really really badly. Perhaps it’s nice to see someone else’s take on a character, or perhaps it’s just nice to watch someone fail. Either way, you are reading this, so please brace yourself for what is to come.

Although I don’t have much time, I would like to start this with more manga, so please leave suggestions for anything you would like me to attempt. If you are a fan of an incredibly obscure manga, feel free to leave it as well so that I have to read it too! Let’s get onto the pictures.


Kaiji is an unusual protagonist in terms of the fact that he is quite hopelessly addicted to gambling. Because of this he is living very poorly and looked down upon. After he falls into even more debt, he is taken to an underground facility and forced to work to pay it off. This is the profile they are given:

Kaiji does not look best pleased. We have no idea how Teiai got this picture, however as it’s not considered to be important in the slightest by fans, I am very happy to have produced this butchering below:

The angles are quite bad, as well as the proportions, and the shading, and etc. However it does at least capture the original. If you have seen Kaiji you know who it is. Looking back more shading on the face may have helped, as well as drawing something that was good.

Was the atmosphere of this drawing influenced by the fact that I was listening to a podcast about someone else with a gambling addiction while drawing? Perhaps it gave the picture more heart and soul.

Ashita no Joe

I haven’t really read this manga at all, however I would like to. Part of it is because I feel Joe’s character looks so cool. Here is the iconic shot from the manga, you see this before any of the story takes place:

By the way, please forgive these atrocious image sizes, WordPress block editor is so unusable for pictures. Anyway, here is what I drew:

It’s got the feel once again, but I did feel like I ran out of room to give his hair the length that it deserves. Perhaps landscape would have been better? Or I guess the face should have been made smaller. It’s hard to get the dark contrast with just the pencil as well. I don’t really have any idea of how to get the colours right and what equipment I might need. I did try using pens before but it made it obviously look like pen was used.

Was this drawing influenced by the fact that I was listening to a podcast about a man obsessed with wearing makeup? I sincerely hope not. Anyway, on to the next one!

My friends are all strange

This emerging manhua has caught a lot of attention in China, and is about a very normal girl who meets many extremely strange friends, such as a prince who always wears a giant horse mask, yet is still very handsome. I highly recommend this if you can find an English version, unfortunately I only read this in Chinese. This is the original picture, it’s about Christmas, but because there isn’t any snow, they use bubbles instead to imitate it:

If you are interested, the translation follows something along the lines of “Here, the Christmas atmosphere is more lively than I expected”, “In England, every Christmas that Laian saw a white Christmas right?”

So anyway, here is what I drew:

Wow! It’s practically perfect! I’m so proud of myself! Well… actually, if you paid attention to the two pictures above, you would know that I can’t draw something this good. While I was drawing the above two photos, my girlfriend came and stat next to me, and chose to draw something too. This is what she choose, and I am very impressed with the result! After she wrote her name as well as “To Ross”, so now it’s a present I will put up on my wall somewhere! What a nice outcome from drawing really awful things.

I know my drawings are bad, so if you have any tips or random comments, please let me know. If you have any series that you would like me to draw please let me know as well!

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