What Is The Endgame For Christianity?

Nearly all sects of Christianity claim that there will be a doomsday, or judgement day, as is described in revelations. People use bible maths to calculate when  this day will be, but so far none of these calculations have proved to be correct.

I think this event would be impossible to predict, based on the fact that nobody, especially God, ever gave any real clues, except for one.

This one clue is that revelation equates the end of the world to the end of the Earth, though judging by the events that happen in that book, the events of revelation would end all life as we know it.

This way, if Christianity is true, it’s more likely than not to happen before humanity escapes earth and starts to live on other planets.

So what does it say will happen? What have we got to look forward too?

There is more information around this, so I instead want to only highlight the things that happen on Earth, that humans will experience and be able to see. Or we might be here a long time.

Here Jesus opens a scroll which has seven seals, and each of the seven seals cause pretty bad things to happen.

  1. A white horse, and a man with a bow riding the horse rides out as a conqueror, to conquer.
  2. The next was the same but a red horse, and the rider was instead given power to bring war on the earth, so that people should kill each other.
  3. The next is the same but the rider is holding a scales. And creatures say that he will trade three litres of barley for a days wages, and a litre of wheat for a days wages.
  4. The next horse is pale blue, and called Hades, given authority over 1/4th of the Earth to kill by all means (including famine, disease and wild animals)
  5. The people who have been killed for proclaiming Gods’ word ask when God will judge humanity. He says it won’t happen until the complete number of their fellow Christians had been killed.
  6. There is a violent earthquake, and the sun goes black, and the moon turns red.
  7. All the stars in the sky… fall to earth like fig leaves… Then the sky disappears… And every mountain and island is moves from it’s place. Everyone then hides underneath the caves and rocks in the mountains.

Well it’s not a particularly pleasant thing. One thing that is interesting that occurs in bullet point 5, is that judgement has not happened yet, and the Christians have not been taken up. This is something that will affect everyone.

Obviously if we were to look at this scientifically it’s obviously wrong. And therefore we should throw revelation away and choose to ignore it? I personally think yes, as nothing in this book is conductive with an all loving God or basic science. However let’s continue this on anyway, assuming that humans could find a way to survive.

Let’s say as this happens, God reduces the size of the stars to be the sizes of figs, and reduces their heat also. Let’s also say that God makes it so that even though the sun is black, humans will still be warm enough to live. Whether that’s through the red moon or just other warmth provided.

I didn’t mention that in this book, God gives power to four angles to damage the earth and the sea. But they are told to not give out their terrible and horrifying punishments until the 144,000 are rescued (even though it didn’t stop God earlier)

Next is the scene that could be interpreted in three ways. The first is the 144,000 people going up to heaven. The second is all the Christians going up to heaven. The third is some of the Christians going up to heaven, like those people from bullet point 5 once the number had been complete.

Regardless, it obviously does not mean anyone. And more earthquakes, rumblings and thunder take place.

Then 7 trumpets are blown. They cause even more suffering, but obviously to the people who haven’t died already.

  1. A third of the earth is burnt up, as well as a third of the trees. These two aren’t the same because 70% of the earth is water.
  2. A third of the sea turns to blood, a third of sea creatures die, and a third of ships are destroyed.
  3. Despite all the stars falling, another star falls, this one is much bigger than the previous, as this one individual star destroys a third of rivers. Which I don’t even know how it could cover that range, it’s such a weird thing to say it destroyed.
  4. Even though the stars fell already (and assumingly didn’t stay there in place) a third of all the stars are destroyed. Not in the way you think, for each and every star, only 2/3 of that individual star remains. This also happens to the sun and moon.
  5. Locusts the size of horses that can sting like scorpions come to torture everyone not with God’s seal on their foreheads for five months constantly, but they cannot kill them. They come from a place in the earth called the abyss, which is underground. There was also a person who was ruler of all of these locusts.
  6. The four angels are released, assuming by now that the 144,000 have now been taken up. Making the 144,000 probably the most strong interpretation of these events, meaning that all the other Christians are still around (because theirs more than 144,000 Christians) And after all of this… someone only 1/3 of humanity is killed. People don’t start worshipping God because of this (I wonder why)

There is a break in between the 6th and seventh trumpet. Where some things happen. Most notably God sends two messengers for 1,260 days to proclaim his message. They are evil and can cause plagues and stuff. People are happy to see them gone. But wait, they are revived and go to heaven.

  1. To put it simply, lightnings and earthquakes. Bear in mind that everyone’s still supposed to be hiding underneath the earth.

Too many things happen to cover, that I want to skip past.

Every fruit and vegitable on the earth is harvested. Then there are seven more plagues, and nobody can enter temple of God until they’re over.

Think that the trumpets and seals of the scroll were enough? Well God doesn’t. This is where 7 bowls of God’s anger are poured on the Earth.

  1. Terrible and painful sores appear on all the people who have the mark of the beast
  2. The sea turns to blood
  3. All the rivers turn to blood
  4. The sun gets really hot, so hot it burns people.
  5. The realm of the beast turns to darkness
  6. One specific river dries up so that armies can battle
  7. Worst earthquake of all time, thunder, lightning

Too many things happen to talk about here. Then Satan is thrown into hell forever. After he has been absent for many years.

After all of this, everyone is brought back to life and judged. Only after all of these events are you judged. Everyone with their name not in the book of life was thrown in a lake of fire.

Then theirs a new heaven, and even despite that there are still horrible people on the outside of it who aren’t let in.

Then it ends with the quote, for at least my version of the bible “May the grace of the lord Jesus be with everyone”

Did you read the rest of the book that you wrote? Where was the grace in all that? Everything in that book was a disgusting thing to do. Why would an all loving god ever do this? It is completely unfair and ridiculous to punish people for thought crimes, and for not believing things they had no good reason to believe in the first place.

Whenever people make death day predictions, Christians and Atheists alike laugh at them. It’s the one day Christians get to feel like Atheists.

But I have to question why Christians laugh so much, and ridicule so much. Because in their laughter, they’re only laughing at the people who believe it will happen on this specific day, they still believe it will happen eventually, just not on that day. It’s crazy.

I’d like to hope that many Christians don’t believe this, and throw it out (preferably with everything else that’s obviously bullshit like Adam and Eve, Noah’s Arc and the Tower of Babylon and Exodus 21) choosing to only believe the things consistent with the all loving God model.

This is a short summary of all the terrible crimes God commits against humanity, and receives no consequences for. I want it as a reference in future to link people to easily, to say how doomed the future of Christianity is.

When the people who are affected by all these plagues say “You tortured me for years, and killed my family and friends. How could I possibly love or worship you? Or believe the things you say about yourself?” God will not have a good answer.

And when all people who disbelieve say “Look at what you did to all these people of the future. How could we possibly love or worship you? Or believe the things you say about yourself?” God will also have no good answer.

And of course when I say “when” here, I of course don’t think this will actually happen. I’d like to think Christians don’t think this will happen, or at the very least, hope it won’t happen.



4 thoughts on “What Is The Endgame For Christianity?

  1. Once, long ago in London, I watched and listened in silence as a heckler did his very best against a speaker on a platform in Speaker’s Corner. When the speaker finished his talk, and stepped down, I approached him.

    “I can’t believe the way that man was heckling you,” I said.
    “He’s here every time I am,” the speaker said. “And it’s marvelous. I think he’ll one day make a fine Christian man.”

    May G-D shine His Love into you, that you may see His Light, and receive His Love. . . In the Name of Yeshua, our Savior and King

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jesus: “Please let me in, I want to save you”
      Non-Christian: “Save me from what?”
      Jesus:”What I’m going to do to you if you don’t let me in”

      -The events of revelation and the terrors of hell are incompatible with an all loving God. Far from this love you describe here.

      Where is this love you claim? Its most certantly absent from the bible. Actions speak louder than words, when the bulk of the old testament is God commiting mass genocide across an entire country, and the new is about dooming everyone to eternal torture unless they believe dubious claims about a man who could multiply bread – its very easy to see that this is not love.

      Maybe its better to actually explain your perspective than state a “one day you’ll understand” kind of argument. As even if that argument were the case, it would do nothing to invalidate the arguments I have given here.


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