Cowboy Bebop: More Than Just Action Anime

Reviewing anime series’ is something that I’ve never tried before or even wanted to do, I’ve however had a change of heart in this regard as I would like to discuss and talk about specific shows so that people can get suggestions to what they should watch and what they shouldn’t. From now on I will be trying to review every single anime that I’ve completed (155 so far) to see if anyone might like similar shows that I have a taste in. I may change from reviewing to analysing if I find anything interesting so this isn’t going to be a normal review series.

Unlike most reviewers who review based on art, sound, story, characters, animation and enjoyment I will be rating solely on enjoyment.  This means that I won’t be giving away any bonus points for good art or anything. If you want more on this read my blog post titled “Bad Animation Doesn’t Matter In Anime”.  To rate all of these shows I will use a random number generator from 1 to 155 and talk about what ever show appears. I got 21 so that means that I’ll be reviewing cowboy bebop!

The world of this anime feels properly lived in and real, the sheer amount of locations and plots that appear give the anime a real sense of scale far beyond the normal standard for space shows. The advanced technology is surprisingly realistic (for my expectations) and I love how they uncover old relics that are outdated today like VHS players.

On the whole each episode is treated as its own separate story, often introducing new themes and characters while still keeping to the overall story of “we must earn money to live”. The characters are all loveable and interesting, their backstory is never deep enough to warrant huge attention or episodes but they’re still touching and heart-warming anyway.

This is clearly a space action type anime and a must watch if you’re a fan of the genre, heck – this anime probably made you a fan of the genre – but I can’t help feeling that it’s somehow a slice of life show. Everything portrayed is a part of their everyday life and their amusing struggles to survive; it feels like a glimpse of their entire life’s and all that it is, constant fighting and drama. You can imagine the constant hardships that the characters face and the problems that they have whilst still getting a cool action fix.

On the whole you can watch the episodes in any order but I don’t really recommend it as the events really add up in the finale episode. At the start I was worried about the show being a generic action show due to the badly developed villain and bar fight gun scenes the episodes are unique and won’t feel repetitive.

I really love the soundtrack, whilst TANK is a great opening too get you in the mood I love the ED (The Real Folk Blues) far more as it’s just brilliant. The background music is extremely distinct and just adds to the brilliant atmosphere.

This is an anime that you should really give a chance too, whilst there are some boring parts and episodes that you might not find interesting it’s a very compelling, enjoyable space narrative which can still give you plenty of surprises. Overall Cowboy bebop gets a 7 out of 10.

“You’re gonna carry that weight”


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