Hey guys, this my first ever post and it’s going to be good. Let me take you back to 1993, to Ninja scroll. I wasn’t born then but I think it’s clear that anime has changed over time. Ninja Scroll came out when anime didn’t mean little children frolicking, generic main characters or tentacle porn. This was when anime was cool.


Ninja Scroll is cool, dark, and has ninjas! It also has sexual harassment and licking but they’re not scared to show it unlike Sword Art Online which I finished yesterday. It was pretty decent but didn’t have the dark, awesome action of Ninja Scroll. Or if you’re a stupid (As an author I’ve been told by the administrator that I can’t swear, or imply It.) weeb Jewbee Ninpuuchou.


Sure swords are cool; they’re sharp, metal, pointy, strong and dangerous but that’s not what this anime does well. It’s not how the swords are used but the fight choreography which wins you over to enjoying it. The swords look cool and real and the fight scenes feel real in its own world. What do I mean by this? Ninja Scroll is pretty unrealistic because of the crazy powers of the demons; they can go rock solid, squirt bees (favourite scene) and e.c.t. So in a world where this is possible I don’t find it hard to believe that a super human ninja would exist who isn’t that realistically scary.


So Ninja Scroll isn’t very realistic, but who cares? It’s fun! Whilst I would like to see a Japanese anime about realistic stealthy ninjas I don’t believe the lack of realistic ninjas or villains should hinder enjoyment whatsoever.


A thing I love about this film is the fact that the film has a lot of fights but not a massive amount of run-time. This means that all the fights are fairly quick, fast-paced and fun. Each fight has its own gimmick which was always fun to see play out. Even if the female main character acted like a weakling just so the main character could save her I enjoyed the action she brought to the fights and most parts of the story, since it would have been boring with just one ninja.


Now let’s move onto the story, or lack of it. I basically had no idea what happened, the story isn’t explained very well – probably because they cared more about the action. The story is just a set up for fights. The creators didn’t have to invent 8 demons to destroy the world, they wanted action.


A huge concern for most people (I can imagine) is the animation and visuals which are very old. The visuals feel old but also stylised and interesting, cool yet old and wise like a kind ninja master. The visuals look really good despite all of this and I didn’t notice any bad animation.


So if you like pure action, ninjas and cool stuff in general you should definitely check Ninja scroll out.




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