That’s right I am now in the brotherhood of the world! Thank you to a nerdy perspective for nominating me! She has an amazing blog which I greatly recommend!

(Pointless fake backstory which you should only read if you know what the dark brotherhood is)

So what the hell happened that I became a part of this agency? Well it all started yesterday when I went to the local curry factory with my trusty spanner. I accidentally dropped my spanner in the vat of boiling curry and nobody noticed, causing 250,000 jars of curry to become unsafe for human consumption, causing nearly a million people in the UK, Canada, Europe and Australia to die instantly.

The next day a man called Lucien Lachance kidnapped me and spoke to me the moment I woke up.

“You sleep rather soundly for a murder. That’s good, you’ll need a clear conscience for what I’m about to propose.”

He gave me a note with a black hand on the back with 5 questions I needed to answer.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you.
  • Nominate around 10 bloggers.
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.

What is your favourite TV show outside of anime?

It’s a difficult question as I tend to only watch anime or YouTube or play video games or read manga! But it has to be would I lie to you, the panel show where contestants read out statements from the card e.g “I got my friend in hospital while trying to make someone else say the word “vegetable”” and they have to pretend that it’s a lie or truth while the other team has to guess. It’s really funny and I frequently go back to YouTube clips from that show.

I also recommend the comedies not going out, that Mitchel and Webb look and Tim Vine Travels through time!

If you were playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons what would your character be and why?

This is a great question because I’ve played D&D a fair amount, just always as the games master instead of a player. The most interesting characters are never perfect, perfect is boring, instead I’d want to be a fairly disadvantaged character with a sad backstory and great character arc.

I’d play as a goblin who grew up with humans after tragically being swapped as a baby with a human baby. This goblin would always be looked down on by society, be extremely small and constantly picked on. He would always wear a mask and covered up skin, not even the players would know he’s a goblin (I’d organise between the GM that the others wouldn’t know) and he would start fairly timid with low self esteem. But as the journey would go on he’d learn more abilities, learn how to use his size and goblinness to his advantage, the players would eventually learn about him and accept him and he’d end with the charisma and confidence to be unmasked in the human would.

As well as this he would meet his real parents but at a time before he felt able to reveal himself to the group as a goblin. He would only later return and have his happy reunion.

You have two machines. One can take you into the depths of space and you can travel across the universe. The other is a time machine which can take you to whatever point in time in the past or future. Which do you choose and why?

It makes so much more sense to take the time machine because it allows you to get the best of both worlds. You would start by travelling back in time to like 10 years ago and buy as much bit coin as possible so that you become rich quick. Here’s the thing though, you are in the past, but you continue onward through time and you know what that means right? You’d get presented with the option of choosing a time machine or space machine again! If you happen to already have the time machine you can also take the space machine but if you happen to have lost the time machine you can just keep on going back! That way you can have both.

It’s why I think the ability to go back to the past is better than go to the future since they are effectively the same thing. If you go back into the past you know what’s going to happen in the future only you can also go back in time if you wish. If you can always see the future then knowing the future will constantly change the future creating a huge mess where you don’t actually know anything!

Which anime/manga/game/movie/etc do you think has been the best to come out of 2018 so far?

Best Anime – Saiki K season 2

Best Manga – I don’t keep up with releasing manga so I don’t know

Best Game – Hollow Knight Nintendo switch edition

Movie – Munkey Jones stops a school shooting or Natsuki the movie. Can’t decide! (If you’ve seen any of these that’s enough to let you know that I never go to the cinema or watch new anime films or torrent I guess)

What attracted you to anime/manga/gaming in the first place?

This image isn’t relevant, I just like it

I guess my friends recommending it to me as well as just seeing it on TV because there was nothing else to watch. I would get taken to the library quite a lot as a kid and while I really enjoyed reading I would often get manga which got me into manga which got me into anime.

I would have never heard of what a video game was if not for my parents buying me and my brother a ps2 and lego star wars 2, which I played constantly. So I guess I can blame them! I was so disconnected about knowing what video games were as a kid that if I didn’t have that I probably would have just thought they were stupid for a very long time!

Also I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately instead of watching anime, I’m thinking about releasing some reviews for them so let me know what you think about that!


I don’t know who has this award yet, so sorry if I nominate you and you have to answer extra questions! Feel free to skip this if you want, you have no obligation to join though if you do join the initiation process is murdering someone, the dark brotherhood joke wasn’t actually a joke…





Jon Spencer




  • Who is your favorite comedian and why?
  • What do you do that you would describe as noteworthy? As well as that what do you do that is so unnoteworthy to be in itself noteworthy?
  • What is something that you want to get into but just haven’t been able to? e.g music, boxing or yodeling
  • If you could learn/obtain one skill instantly what would that skill be?
  • You have two machines. One can take you into the depths of space and you can travel across the universe. The other is a time machine which can take you to whatever point in time in the past or future. Which do you choose and why?
  • What do you do job-wise/school-wise? It just occurred to me that despite you talking about work and school quite a lot I have no idea what any of you do! This is more personal so don’t answer if you don’t want too, I’m just interested and probably a little bit nosy.

You can ask as many questions as you want but this is a fine amount in my opinion! I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time!



  1. Loved your goblin character! It’s something that people never goes with. The way you created that character, well I want to see that! Congrats in your initiation and welcome to the brotherhood!

    I’ve already been initiated… But since I didn’t kill anyone to get in, I feel that I am somewhat unworthy. So, I’ll be answering this one for sure! *Starts scheming evil plans* muahahahah (Thank you for the nomination ^^)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It would take a lot of work to do well but I think that character would be pretty cool!

      Haha, I’d definitely be interested if you created some kind of story like my curry one! Look forward to your post!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the award! 😊 Those were great answers to read. And thank you for the nomination. I’ll probably get round to it one day… can’t promise when since I’m forgetful but I will get round to it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot! I accidentally hit a random button as soon as I made a response to this and for some reason it moved this comment to the trash. I was very annoyed and I’m sorry if this leads to a huge series of glitched comments, I didn’t mean it!

      I’m glad you liked the backstory, it’s a reference to the dark brotherhood questline in elder scrolls obvlivion! I was worried it would come across as weird and stupid (which it probably did) but I’m glad you liked it anyway!

      Yeah in questions like the time travel one I always try and find a way to pick the third option or both. To be honest there are ways to use space travel to very quickly travel to the future in the same way however you wouldn’t have the benefit of being able to go to the past. Before you think I’m crazy that space thing is very possible to do, I was in a science lecture where a qualified professor explained it! I’m saying that because I can’t explain it myself but I just know it’s possible!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem and don’t worry about it I haven’t noticed anything! I’ve accidentally hit stuff before and it happens so don’t worry! 😊

        I did I thought it was really cool! And oh cool I did not know that but that’s interesting to know and I thought it was great and I love stuff like that! I don’t think it’s weird or stupid!

        That’s something I wouldn’t have thought of so I love that! And I don’t think you’re crazy I think that’s fascinating as I’m really interested in space and science stuff. That’s such a cool concept to think about!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow thanks so much! It means a lot, especially when you didn’t even know what I was referencing at first!

          Yeah it’s pretty crazy and all about relativity which I don’t really understand no matter how often I get my friends to explain it to me (believe me it happens). But it’s about the idea that time is not outside the universe and something that is a lot more varied and changeable due to the size and nature of space. I don’t honestly get it though, but it sounds cool!

          Liked by 1 person

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