You Are Rating Anime And Manga Wrong!

I’m about to start reviewing / discussing anime and manga that I’ve completed, dropped and (in the case of the manga) am still reading. This could be quite a controversial thing to do because my rating and reviewing system is completely different from what everyone else is doing. I’ve decided to talk about why people should rate and review in the same way that I do as well as the differences that I’m doing that you shouldn’t do.

How you should rate your anime

The first problem that I have is when a number seven becomes the average, the average has, and always will be a 5. If something is “alright” it’s a five and not a seven. A five for me is something that I enjoyed but saw lots of flaws in, or just things that I disliked, a good example was mangirl which is a short anime series about some girls making manga. I binge watched it all in a day and enjoyed it! Yet it was short and boring in places, the characters weren’t interesting but the comedy was. Due to these flaws I couldn’t give it any more than a 5.

A five shouldn’t quantify a bad score, it’s still alright, better than the other 50% of anime. The average MAL score is 6.88 which is far too high in my opinion, and I’ll get into this right after I finish talking about rating things a ten out of ten.

You should never believe that something needs to be perfect to receive a ten out of ten, the quality of each one should go like this: the top ten percent of anime gets a ten out of ten, the next ten bellow that gets a 9 out of ten and so on. In my opinion this is a good way to do it just because it helps you know how many favourites you should have. Since I’ve completed 155 anime I should have 10% of these as a 10 out of ten.

This doesn’t really work out though, even for me, I have very few ten out of tens. This isn’t because I give them away too easily but because we all want to keep our select few favourites. This is when a different system (which is probably better) gets introduced.

This new system focusses on saying that the majority of anime are average, slightly less are above average and below and it just goes on and on creating a pyramid in the centre. If you struggle with math then here’s a simple way to do it. For a start copy this table.

Rating Multiplier Number Of Shows of that rating
10 1
9 2
8 3
7 4
6 5
5 6
4 5
3 4
2 3
1 2


The left row shows each rating that’s possible and the row on the right shows the multiplier. To work out the multiplier add the numbers together (its 35 if you don’t know) and then take the total number of shows which you have given ratings too and divide it by that number. E.g I’ve completed 155 anime (at this time of writing) so I’d do 155 / 35 and then times the number that I obtained (4.4) by the multiplier to create the next table.


Rating Multiplier Number Of Shows of that rating
10 1 4.4
9 2 8.8
8 3 13.2
7 4 17.6
6 5 22
5 6 36.4
4 5 22
3 4 17.6
2 3 13.2
1 2 8.8

As this will pretty much always be slightly higher than the shows that you’ve completed (and this pattern will be more noticeable for the more shows that you’ve given ratings to) it allows you to put more or less shows in each category that is specified. This is only a rough guideline, not a standard that you should be following.

This will allow you ratings to actually have meaning and be relevant, making your shows consistent. There’s no correct way to rate however these methods will allow your ratings to actually mean something more than just your whim at the time.

As well as this don’t rate off of the set rules of visuals, story, animation, sound, characters and e.c.t it should just be enjoyment. If there’s a show that you absolutely hate but it looks good then it should still be a one out of ten. Implying that something needs to look good to be good is simply wrong. It implies that an old show that looks outdated can’t get a ten, it’s completely wrong. Read my “bad animation does not matter” post for more on this.

What I do differently that you shouldn’t do

(I can now look back at this post from the perspective of this post being a month old and still unreleased (my posts are two months in advance so far) and I can say that I accidentally go into a fiery passionate rant about anime blogging which I don’t have the heart to delete as it’s somewhat valid. If you get offended by criticism and your an anime blogger then I wouldn’t recommend reading farther. I don’t name drop anyone but it might apply to someone you know/read or yourself without me meaning to make you feel bad about about it. Just be warned)

This is only for reviewing; you probably shouldn’t use a random number generator to review unless you want to. The only way to do this is by postponing the anime’s that you currently don’t want to talk about. I have many different series’ for random reviewing and I can pick any of them for my post, since I’ll always be talking about an anime that I’m at least a bit passionate about theirs a good chance that I will get something that I like or want to talk about.

Anyway now that I’ve explained how you can / should be reviewing anime or manga I’ll leave it up to you to take or leave this advice. I’d personally prefer blog posts that took at least parts of this into account and I’d personally prefer for people to do nothing but long reviews instead of writing stupid single episode summaries that benefit nobody. JUST TALK ABOUT THE ENTIRE SHOW AFTER IT’S OVER! The first impression and comments are the most boring things that you could ever write about because it’s only relevant until the next episode comes out. It’s completely pointless and baseless as it’s the least important thing you can be discussing. Take the time to break down the episodes instead of giving general summaries and statements like “this part was good”, anything else is something that I really don’t care about.

In the future nobody will ever be talking about first impressions of episode 20 of some show that we already know is pretty good or that you liked. Focus on things that have more substance and actual content. I see no real value in reviewing a single episode the day after it uploads and still not a lot of value in reviewing unless you aren’t massively vague like everyone else is.

I personally see the most value in creating interesting / analytical points that actually mean something. That’s what I aim to achieve and do through a high proportion of my blog posts (even if my spelling and grammar isn’t the best).

If you’re concerned that I’m not reading your blog then this is a probable reason; you can write about anything you like but don’t expect me to pay attention if I dislike the type of posts that you’re writing.

I’m not going to shout anybody out however just know that the reason why I don’t read many anime posts on this website is that they don’t often conform to my interest. You don’t have to follow this standard for writing / blogging but you do if you want me to pay attention to you. Fairly recently I found a new blogger called Doctors180 who made a brilliant post analysing the themes of two different shows, that’s the kind of thing I want to see on the anime tag instead of single episode reviews, it’s so annoying to filter through all this garbage every time I feel like reading something.

Anyway my rant is now over, sorry if you were offended by this, don’t take it personally if you were offended, I’m not criticising you as a person (whoever you are, I have no idea if these single episode guys can even read) but I just dislike what you choose to write about.

This is something that I’m prepared to discuss and I never intended to go into this here, just take away my points about rating things. I’ll be able to produce a stronger argument in a future post where I intend to make this the entire topic of it.

Not all of my posts are golden angles though so I’m not saying that I’m perfect. I do however have a great Berserk series that I’m really proud and happy with launching this Saturday – That is the kind of content that I want to be seeing. I schedule all of my post’s in advance and so far I’ve written 17 of them (and not all of them are golden angles).


23 thoughts on “You Are Rating Anime And Manga Wrong!

  1. I have a really wired math system to rating (I should really update it again).
    I think when it comes down to rating each blogger speaks a different language (Unfortunately there isn’t one uniform way of doing it).

    I do agree that 5 should be treated as average (I need to make a system that gets rid of 1,2,9 and 10). *They are the 4 numbers that can’t show up in my current formula.*

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    1. Interesting, I agree that we all rate differently but I feel like the ratings are only important if they’re consistent and you know what the rater likes. Unfortunately I have to disprove of your formula in theory as It sounds like you’re rating from an arbitrary set of rules that you’ve predefined, a show doesn’t need to tick every box or even many to be a ten out of ten in my opinion. Please tell me how your formula works though as I’m interested!

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      1. 400 point system that allows to look at the show from every aspect.
        T-o Some sections are a lot bigger then others (each sections within the sections has its own way of calculating how it lands).

        It’s a long math formula that just keeps expanding.
        I should really keep notes as a go along (I don’t think people would be interest in reading my in depth notes on anime). *prefer the diary approach*

        T_O If I was to do proper reviews they would be long and would take me at least a week or 2.

        I remember having to watch a 30 minutes anime for 4 hours because of this approach! O_O I will need partner if I’m ever to do that again (2 sets of note is better then 1).

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        1. Yeah, that is true. Normally it takes me half an hour for about 500 words so depending on how much time you have (I have quite a lot of time) I can understand not wanting to write long in depth posts. As for your in depth notes I think it would help you to catagorise them into different posts e.g I’ve got lots of thoughts on konosuba but I’ve only released a post talking about a theory and it’s comedy but I could easily make more talking about a different aspect of the show. You’ll see this put into action again when I spend at least 17 posts talking about Berserk, so people will read them anyway, but I can understand you not wanting to write about them. I tend to only talk about anime that I remember well so I can’t really relate (though I understand) to your problem. I only really talk about shows that had moments that I liked and if I remembered it slightly wrong or something… oh well!

          Sorry but your really not selling me with your formula, making some categories bigger than others implies that if a new show came along that you loved, it could rank lower than shows that you thought were average if it broke your typical expectations for what you look for and rate in anime. So I guess this is something that we can politely disagree on (I don’t mean to be rude).

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          1. XD I have place show low when I liked them (I’m not going lie about there problems).

            T-o I like being clinical (that way you have no emotional attachment).

            If the show has a problem, IT HAS A PROBLEM! XD Me and DB debate over the correct way to do it all the time.

            T-o To me braking the anime down to its bare bone allows one to find things that one watch though will never allow you to see.

            That’s why I don’t do formal review, the idea of watching an anime 2-3 times while taking note about each element within the show sounds maddening!

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            1. That’s fair enough. To me a ten out of ten can be far from a flawless show as (I think you’ll agree with me here) some problems can be overlooked if you came away enjoying the experience massively. I’ve been thinking about writing another post talking about something similar to this and you bringing this up has made me want to do it even more! So Thanks.

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            1. That’s true! In my opinion ratings should be consistent and mostly about enjoyment so that if you knew the reviewer you could understand the meaning of his/her ratings so much more, and it appears that you rate objectively taking every aspect into account. Theirs no right answer but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to talk about!

              I’m really enjoying your comments by the way, It’s been really enjoyable for me discussing both of our ideas! And sorry for replying to each of your comments individually, I thought that they were all worth replying too.

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          2. … did you look at my 2014 score system? That was done using my original way: 100 point system: Find out its percentage and let it push its way onto the rank list.

            o-o percentages in that list go up on down depending on what pushed in (lost that list when my computer crashed). It was my way of keeping a top 10 list without having to give fixed numbers.

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            1. Sorry no I haven’t, I only started blogging on December 27th 2016 so I haven’t read many old posts or gained a large following like you have. The system sounds interesting but the problem I have with systems such as yours is that I can never leave them alone. I always try and rig or change the system to make it so my favorites already appear on top anyway so I’ve decided to scrap formulas entirely as I mess with them way too much. Props to you if you can use a system like this without changing it though!


                1. Changing it doesn’t feel like lying to yourself though, if the formulas wrong and you think that one show is better than the other then the formula’s wrong. I don’t think it’s lying to yourself. So do you just have anime rated higher than others even though you personally disagree?

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                  1. If I have a formula for one year I keep it that way (keeps things consistent).
                    if I was to rate something 2016 + it would go by the new one.

                    You would be surprised how much one can lie to themselves when you really like something.

                    Nagi no asukara/lull of the sea

                    There is a sweet irony with the complaints I took with this anime,do you why? Because all the problems I had with this anime were exemplified in the next show created by the studio called “glasslip”.

                    XD My complaints felt validated by this anime.

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                    1. I’m sorry but I don’t really get what your saying. If you really liked something how is it lying to yourself if you rate it higher? Sorry I don’t really get what your last part was about, did you like the show because it was like another show but better in every way?


                    2. I rated it high because it was good quality and my complaint with the anime was not a big problem because the anime had plenty of good aspects to over shadow it.

                      XD When I watch the show I complained that without the mystical background surrounding the anime all of the main charterers would really boring (they don’t drive the story).
                      glasslip is an anime without the background and filled with boring character that can’t drive a story on there own.
                      The studio was trying to make more money of lull of the sea and failed magnificently with glasslip.

                      Like you said about 10/10 shows, they are not 100% perfect. The problem I take with it is a very small problem when compared to how good the show is. Should I mark it down because I take personal issue with it?

                      T-o At the time I was also questioning myself to whether it was there or was my head just trying to find something to complain about.
                      When the next anime they made showed off the problem with there previous show I felt validated.

                      It’s no of the difficulties with how I watch anime. what I should really do I combine personal view and clinical.
                      The problem is that I would need to watch the anime multiple times and take way more notes if I was to split them.

                      Maybe I should have a go at doing a formal review?

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                    3. Your comments alone are half the length of the total post that I wrote (yes I did a word count) so I’m sure that you could do a decent formal review if you wanted to!

                      I understand what you mean now; I really didn’t understand what you were saying because I thought you said that Glasslip was a studio!

                      I think you should mark something down if you took personal issue with it by the way, it would make sense unless it was a very minor complaint.

                      You asked if you should combine your personal view and your clinical view. Do you mean cynical? I don’t know if you have a massive medical view on your opinions or if it’s a typo or if it’s a word with a second meaning!

                      Your opinion on anything is always going to be your opinion. I think both your clinical view and personal opinion is the same thing. If a show made you think really negatively about it then it’s bad whether you came in from a cynical point of view or not. So I’d say that you shouldn’t really worry about it 😉


  2. Loving the truth being displayed here!
    People tend to act nice to look good in front of many others that they don’t know.

    While I’m heading to edit my ratings on MAL, I’d also love to have you proof read your post once more. I’m literally hinting that you have spelling mistakes present, to some extent that they can change the meaning to something you didn’t have in mind!
    I’m sure that not even a person with fiery passion for blogging will let mispelled words live in their sight.

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    1. I’m English so I use the English spellings, if there are some other typos I’ll try and correct them now (thanks). Also thank you so much for not really hating me for these opinions, ever since I wrote this post I was pretty scared about it. When I saw that it had been scheduled and uploaded I kind of started shaking because of all the people who might get annoyed at me. Thanks, this made me feel better.

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      1. As soon as you expose yourself to the internet today you’re guaranteed some form of hate. Even I’ll be happy if the hate was at least in a form of criticism and not the outright “hah you got shit taste”.

        I’ll spoil it for you anyway. I’m 300% certain that you did want to write flaws instead of floors, because damn! I was literally thinking of multi-storey buildings for a second there!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Your are absolutely correct here, I didn’t interpret your comment as hate btw, it’s a good thing to do to correct someone’s language because that’s how we improve. I’m brushing it up right now as I am currently not an angry raging monster like I was when I first wrote this! Also I’ll be sure to check out your blog after I’ve finished this – genuinely found your last comment hilarious!

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