Another Reason Why Anime Sucks!

As a response to the brilliant post: Top ten reasons why anime sucks! ( I’ll add an addendum too it because I think something was missing. Something very obvious that wasn’t brought up. I think it must have been the 11th point which couldn’t have been shown but for me it’s far, far worse.

This mistake, this problem, this thing that makes me a rage, more than any other thing is the post production mess ups. And I’ll get into it right now because there’s a certain part that I mean which should have been brought up.

Ok, so imagine this. You’ve made the perfect anime in your eyes, you’ve created your artistic vision and it’s perfect. The strokes have fallen into the right place and the hard work is over. So what do you decide to do next? What could you possibly do next to mess it up? You’d have thought that nothing could mess it up, that you could leave it on a memory stick and go home for the day and watch the money rake in. But that obviously doesn’t happen.

Let me teach you a few things about Japanese culture. The Japanese are workaholics but also very sociable. So what happens? On the last day of production they all go to the bar to celebrate the completion of another masterpiece. But what do people like to do at the bar? Drink, they drink. They drink a lot. A hell of a lot, so much that they start to doubt themselves. They think was it really that good? What could we do to improve our show, I’m kind of worried about it’s quality?

And then they leap to a very drunkenly flawed conclusion. They decide that their show would be better in Japanese than English. After thinking about this the entire team runs back (don’t drink while driving, drink before you drive) to the studio and gets their staff members into the recording booth for a re-recording. They think it’s great, so great that they forget about what made the old anime so good and throw away the English recording, erasing it for all of time.

The staff members wake up and mourn the events of the previous day. It’s a sad, sad time. But what can they do? It’s already too late and they handed in the edited anime already. They cry, say they’ll do it better next time, and work harder for the next gruelling three months.

An anime can be so beautifully made, have the best visuals and premise or the best characters, but it’s an absolute living hell if you have to experience it in Japanese.


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