Shiki – The Forgotten Episodes Finale

It’s the last episode of Shiki and to celebrate with making this the most thorough and long review of Shiki possible I’ll start talking about the dub. It sucks what a surprise. There are a lot of side characters in this show and I’d understand if they were bad however the appearances from main characters were really disappointing.

To understand this show from my writing you need to know the names because there were so many characters that could be described in the same way e.g. the mother’s dad. So we’ll talk about Motoko who is a mother with crazy blue hair, very protective of her children. Since these bonus episodes feature character’s we’ve never seen before we get to see her entire backstory and her growing worry for her children which results in walking them to school and neglecting work.

It’s sad to see her insanity jump in when Toshio talks to her about her dead father. To prove my point about the dub being bad, as Motoko and her mother fight over who’s responsible Toshio responds and talks in the most bored, nonchalant and monotone way which is seriously unfitting for the scene.

Something I always admire in characters with adult themes is the reassuring and composed way they treat their children to calm them and relax them, it shows their maturity and strength of wellbeing to complement their love of the children, my favourite example of this is from Ponyo; you know what I mean if you’ve seen it!

Eventually it’s just the mother with her child left and this is the person who is shown in the rest of the series just hidden, looking dead in a bath tub. Once her son dies she goes to her friend’s house who’s hiding a Shiki with them and accidently reveals it. During the hunt her madness slowly manifests into a desperate revenge attempt on her Shiki father by setting fire to a shed with petrol, and you know what happens next.

It’s a short and tragic story but it serves to build the world and make you imagine that every character in the village has the same kind of story and makes you understand the rage from the human side a whole lot better.

The other story that took place in the episode was the back story of the Shiki who stayed with a human in their house until it was ransacked. Kanami finds her mother outside her house and she doesn’t realise she was turned into a Shiki. It’s sad as they slowly work out what’s going on and the madness that occurred once they realised she couldn’t become a part of society without being mauled. The two characters tried to work out a compromise to let them both live and it’s sadly not made clear whether it would work.

So this episode wasn’t as good as the previous since it just explained the fire and gave us a lot of details we could have worked out or thought about already. That being said it was nice to see how the fire started and it really made sense and prevented it from feeling forced or hammed in like it was in the actual show.


3 thoughts on “Shiki – The Forgotten Episodes Finale

  1. Yes, I happened to catch the special episodes within their appropriate spots while watching the show, and while it may have prolonged the conclusion a bit, it still served pretty well in a narrative sense.

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