Hajime No Ippo Date Eiji – 12 Days of Anime Christmas day 8

Hajime no ippo is a really good series whether you like boxing or not however some of the best fights that it has are to do with the side characters, this one in particular who I will be talking about is Date Eiji because I thought he was really cool!

So Date Eiji enters the story as the lightweight champion of japan who is Ippo’s  next opponent as he aims to become the champion of Japan himself. He enters as a challenger hoping to defeat him.

The match that they have is even and tough for the both of them. They all end up being physically exhausted before Date Eiji eventually wins and defeats him, moving on to challenge the world title.

This leaves the champion title open and Ippo eventually works his way into becoming the champion of Japan. Though he won’t feel like he’s the true champion until he’s beaten Eiji.

Anyway by the time that Ippo becomes champion Eiji is ready to fight the champion of the world, Ricardo Martinez.

The way this fight is built up is by Ippo fighting Martinez in a practice match so that Martinez can train for his Eiji fight. In this Ippo gets absolutely destroyed, can’t even see his punches coming and doesn’t land a single blow. This builds up the fight pretty well and makes it insanely tense.

Well it turns out that Date Eiji has improved a lot and has practiced well to prepare for fighting Ricardo Martinez, he physically looks much stronger and is ready for him.

The fight is a lot more balanced than you would have thought and Eiji does a lot better despite losing most of the rounds. In the end he takes a massive amount of damage and is defeated brutally. Which is sad since you were rooting for Eiji the whole time and him and Ippo had eventually become friends.

So the scene ends with Eiji lying there in hospital, beaten up and bandaged. It seems like that will be the last fight for Eiji as he’s too injured to continue. Due to this he taps Ippo and says “batton pass” to let Ippo know that he will need to continue the work that he had done up to this point. It’s now all up to him to defeat Martinez and become the champion of the world.

Thanks for reading day 8 of the 12 days of anime Christmas! This was a story from anime that I thought was just great so I had to share at least a bit of it. But of course this is best experienced by watching the whole show as well.


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