Tomorrow – The Stone of The Conqueror – Chapter 8

We were led to a room unreasonably close to the magician’s room, there were only five doors in-between us and it was terrifying.

Our room had a low ceiling and two dusty beds against the wall with a small gap between them. We had a tiny window on the left side overlooking the edgeland and it was a bleak sight. We wished we had nothing to do with this place and were riding down the greenpath.

As we entered the maid whispered something in Brian’s ear.

“What is it?” I asked.

“The toilets in the room opposite us.” He replied.

Well that was nice to have. I found it amusing how hospitable he was trying to be while spitting and shouting at us. I was seriously worried.

Brian got out the letter that we had written and opened it silently, then he clearly inked in the words “Lord Darlon”. The plan was to learn his name and then read the letter out loud, filling in the blank. It would however be more reliable to already have his name there. He sealed it in silence again.

We had entered a silent agreement not to speak to each other, Darlon was too close by and the risk was far too great.

After a while I thought that it might be worth trying to read it to him again. If I had already started reading it to him by the time he opened the door then he might stay to listen.

I left the room and knocked on his door, I heard no noise so I walked in.

The room was identical to the one that I had just left, and Brian was in it normally.

“Didn’t work?” He asked.

I just shut the door and walked back to the room I had just left.

“You won’t believe this.” I said to him

“I went to Darlon’s room, and you were in it.”

Brian just looked puzzled. “Why did you open the door and then close it?”

“But I didn’t, when I opened that door it was the door to Darlon’s study. If you don’t believe me try it.”

Brian opened the door.

“You’re right” he said, walking in.

In this manner we checked every room. All rooms on our left led to a toilet and all rooms on the right led to our room. The corridor was endless. Eventually we just gave up and went to sleep.

As I was drifting off I clutched the stone to my chest, it was a mistake to bring it with me and I regretted it. The stone was in danger and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. The windows wouldn’t open or smash either.

The only thing scarier than being trapped in a house with an evil magician was being with an evil magician who also had the stone of the conqueror.


“Lord Darlon” Brian started as he read the letter at breakfast, in a posh small room with beautifully cooked food. We were sitting opposite to Darlon and I had the stone hidden on my person because I was terrified of leaving it anywhere.

“Your immediate presence is needed at court due to a conflict of interest. Another person has arrived at my castle claiming to hold the stone of the conqueror. The stone they have brought is near identical to the one you have presented so it is impossible to know which is real. We need you for questioning to check the validity of the stone. If there is no possible way to know you are also required to sign land and finance agreements so the two parties can share the money for obtaining the stone which will no doubt help us in our current battles. Thank you.”

Darlon showed no visible signs of worry and instead sat there in silence. “Well my friends, unfortunately I must leave and you cannot stay here any longer.”

We were only half way through breakfast but he led us out of the house, showed us to our horses and watched us until we were out of sight.

We had given him our message but had it worked?

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