Pokémon Go Review – Nicknames are Everything (Part 2/16)

Welcome to the 2nd part of my thorough review of Pokémon Go where I discuss every aspect of the app to answer “should you play this game”. Sorry for the long wait, I want to review this game before it completely dies in popularity so let’s get right too it! Part one can be found right here!

If you fail to nickname your Pokemon you are doing something wrong. Increasing your bonds of friendship with your Pokemon is essential to winning in gym matches and also adds a huge layer of fun to the game. I have a really fond attitude towards my main Pokemon so I want to bring them in as a prime example of how to nickname Pokemon.

A recent feature that was added to the game is party Pokemon. I evolved a bunch of Pokemon today to get to level 30 and I got two new Pokemon to replace the weaker two on my current team. However my bonds of friendship haven’t developed enough with the newbies so I will be talking about my old team, team Throck!


The reason why it’s called team Throck is partially because all three members look like rocks! Gumbra, Mutoe and Pro make great rocks! And guess what, everyone else on the team are great rock throwers! Alpick can throw them with his arms, Streeter can blast them using the fat in his chest and Rapumb uses psycic powers to launch the rock with his mind! So Throck is a mix of throw and rock, my main team is a bunch of Rock throwers! Also the fact that I’ve had this team for 4 months and still remember my thought process towards naming it says something!

My thought process towards naming is very set out and very clear. I have the upmost confidence that if I was to name a Pokemon a name 100 times I would name it the exact same name on all of those times. I remember the thought process which is what gives me such a strong bond of friendship with my Pokemon giving me the edge when it comes to gym fights.

Let’s talk about all of the pokémon in the team as well as the new bonus pokemon I’ve just got today.

Pro is a mixture of rock and peek in reverse order. He peaks out of his rock creepily.

Mutoe has huge massive ears, so in the little John style of naming I wanted to call him something like mute. So mutoe came about because of this, I play around with names like this to get fun nicknames like this.


To me Streeter looks like a guy hiding in a costume. The white skin looks like the real human while the blue is a costume. So why would he want to hide in a snorlax cosutume? Rape of course! Streeter is a mix of the words street and raper.


The start of Rapumbs nickname comes from the word above as well. When I think of Rapumb I do not think of the forward facing nice dude! I’m thinking of the creepy guy with a shell mask with only his eyes showing walking slowly towards you creepily with a huge erection! Look at it! You can never see slowking the same way again! Then the pumb is a polite colloquial term for penis.


To me Gumbra looks like a guy who is constantly going “ahhhhh” really calmly” but I also couldn’t get it out of my head the idea of him crawling around in the mud. So I changed ahhh to bra because the words sound similar and reversed the mud around and then I put a G on the end because it sounded better.


Alpick is an unfortunate one whose nickname is lost to time. I nicknamed him when he was a Cyndaquil so I need to be looking at the Cyndaquil design to make sure I’m correct. However I’m 99% sure that it was because Cindaquil’s beak looks like he’s constantly pecking at something. The useful thing about Alpick’s nickname is that it was very useful to me while writing my book. Anyone know what Maron’s last name is? It’s Alpick!


So that’s all for team throck. Let’s move on to the new improved team Flock Vale!


On paper both teams look very similar since they have four Pokemon however the two additions change everything. We still have three rocks, Pro, Mutoe and Tikilpin so I just imagine a place where just three huge Pokemon rolling around like the Gorons in goron city. Then I imagined these guys falling down a valley and I knew valley would have something to do with the team name.

So that solves “ock” and “Vale” but where does the “Fl” come from. It’s the rocks that these guys are flinging around! So Throck is very similar to this but the key difference in my mind is that Flock Vale is where the Pokemon come to train and work by mining. That’s the image in my head.

Let’s get to the new guy, Tikilpin! When Tikilpin extends his body it looks like he’s ticking someone with the front of his head and his tail. Then he’s got a huge pin growing out his ass so hence Tikilpin.


Then Ippal is obviously very inspired by Ippo from Hajime no Ippo because Ippal just looks like a boxer! Then we’ve got the fact that it looks like Ippal has a huge blue ghost floating over him and into the back of his head. When I thought of a huge blue ghost I got Aladin! So that’s where the “al” comes from.

I find it highly entertaining to name these Pokemon and it’s a great part of the game I recommend doing!

What would you nickname your Pokemon? What did you think of my nicknames? Also what should I nickname my zapdos?


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