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I am a touch-typer so every time I change to a new keyboard everything feels a little bit different and takes a while getting used to so I thought that I would just have a long post where I typed about anything just so that I can feel ok quickly using the keyboard.

For the record there are a lot of times that I make mistakes while I type, it’s just that you have to be quick on pressing the backspace button so that it doesn’t really matter. I think it’s probably normal for a lot of bloggers to be able to touch type very well, it would make sense, we type a lot of posts! I just want to say this for bloggers who can’t touch type yet to say how to do it!

Step 1: Start just guessing. Don’t even think about starting this whole online course or covering up individual keyboard letters. Just try and type without looking, you may be surprised by how much you know. If you type for a long time then it should be in your reflexes to press the correct key a lot of the time. I don’t particularly think about what I’m typing as I type it, I just sort of know without thinking about it.

If you’ve ever learned to drive it’s difficult because to you it feels like their is so many variables and different things to keep track of at once, this is true, there are a lot of things to keep track of while driving. It’s just that once you practice enough the skills go into your subconscious so that you’re doing it without realizing. This can also be applied to touch typing…. YAY!

Just try it and you’d be surprised, though I think pretty much everyone can touch type anyway so this is kind of pointless advice. My brother learned though this online course, I learned though actually typing those things out!

Now I’m at a point that I have ran out of things to say so I may as well do an update sort of thing about what I’m going to do after the ADB.

The ADB will finish releasing in less than 2 months, and that means that I will struggle to have daily content again (granted I’m doing pretty fine with two posts a day recently) so I’ve got a few things in the works.

First of all I’m releasing my book, but I wrote it in a huge rush in February so I have to do a tonne of editing on that. Once every chapter of my book is released on my blog I will be creating the E-book and releasing it online. Not really to make money but to say “I’m an author” and stuff.

There is this website called Ko-fi and I like the idea of that, but I can never bring myself to create one because I feel bad about people giving me money. I don’t really think I deserve anything and I’d hate to make someone feel obligated. Releasing that book to me feels like a way to get around that for another reason!

I’ve also written a fairly short 7.5k word spin off side story called “The stone of the conqueror” which is set after the events of the Broken Tournament. Right now the ending of the broken tournament is fairly ambiguous since I like reader interpretation and everyone to make up their own theories. I still want that to be true for the stone of the conqueror however there are more pieces to the puzzle included in that spin off that will help you out a lot better. So that’s what I’m planning so far! It feels kind of scummy to do so I’m sure I will release the stone of the conqueror at a much later date however I’ll keep it exclusive for a while.

I may as well write a sort of blurb right now about what the side story is about.

“From the author of “The Broken Tournament” comes the follow up sequel side story “The Stone of the Conqueror”. In the country of Evren, a beautiful land of glorious weather and landscapes, the stone of the conqueror is missing! Evren’s royal family have sent out a bounty on returning the stone promising lands and riches beyond your wildest dreams! James, the hero of this story sets out on his journey to find the stone, and the book starts right at the point where he finds the stone. However that’s only just the start of the story! The start is starting as the point where it should be the end! What does it mean? It means their is a whole lot of adventure and trickery that James must overcome in order to return the stone and claim his prize! Oh no! The true mysteries of the stone have yet to be discovered, and theirs not much time left, because theirs a non-spoiler event that is taking place and is important because I wrote it that way.”

Alright there we go, I guess that’s vague and detailed enough to give you an impression of what’s going to happen. There are less mysteries than in this book but there are plenty of questions that I’ve left open that you may be unsure of.

That’s maybe the thing that saddens me the most about releasing the chapters every so often. It’s a lot harder to read into the mysteries that I’ve left open because it’s harder to remember. That’s the biggest failure of the project in my opinion. Hopefully binge reading it won’t cause that problem.

It’s fairly short for a book however it’s still long, like the shortest length a novel can be is apparently 40k words and mine so far is 55k words though that number is getting smaller. The thing that I’ve found while editing is that a lot of the chapters are being made shorter because of it, which is funny because the editing made the chapters longer at the start. I think the reason for that is because there wasn’t enough detail in the early setting and too much detail later, though it might not stay that way because there is as whole extra chapter that I might consider writing because there is something that the characters do which is off camera (you know what I mean) so I might specifically want to write what they did!

That’s all I think I’ve got to say so far except for the fact that I’m waiting for all of the ADB to release before I put in the links to the recommended shows. At the time I didn’t know how to link to posts that didn’t exist yet so I left the links blank which I will fill in once all of those posts are out so that it’s an easy process and everything is easy to find.

It’s been a long time since I did an update post, mainly because I make changes without telling anyone because people can just see them happening. Instead of creating an update post saying “I’m going to create a series called berserk is the greatest manga of all time where I review it chapter by chapter” I just did it and let people figure it out. So that’s my general attitude but it’s fun to let people know things like this every once in a while.

Oh and one last thing that I just had the idea for. When I go through the ADB there are going to be a lot of posts where I’m unhappy with the reviews because their either out of date (Like every Ghibli film review) or just short and bad. So for every time I change a couple of reviews for the better e.g 5 or something. I’ll release an ADB update post saying which reviews have improved so I can show them off if that’s something that interests you.


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